About Deaf Sparrow

DEAF SPARROW is an underground and independent music website made by people and for people with a passion for underground music that has been in operation since 2007.  The current site you’re viewing was built in 2013.

Our focus is on a wide variety of music with a big emphasis on the hard, the eclectic and the extreme.  We review anything that fits this general concept from ambient to black metal, punk, hard core, shoegaze (if it’s dark and insane at least), noise, death metal, sludge, doom, basically everything in the underground you can think of, so if you have a question, just ask us.  Our primary mission is to spread the word, review, inform and provide a fair but honest assessment of the work of underground music, especially the kind that isn’t yet well-known.  The new site has been specifically designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.  The main purpose will always be to inform, entertain, educate and introduce bold music fans to exciting new music and to past releases that we consider have been unjustly overlooked.  In addition, you can find interviews with bands, records labels, and the like, as well as special features updated throughout the year including Deaf Sparrow’s ‘Best Of’ every 12 months, unsigned band round-ups, and much more.  We also have recently added media reviews, which will include books and movies, both old and new.  Help spread the word.

DEAF SPARROW currently does not provide News, Boards or Forums. You’ll have to go to the other 100,000 other sites out there for that. We are trying to keep it simple!!!  Would you really want to have another account on another forum?  If you have something to say, do it in the comments.

If you’d like your releases (CD’s, MP3s, DVD’s, demos, vinyl, 7″s, tapes (no 8-tracks or floppies please!!!) to be reviewed, send them to the address or email listed on our contact page.  Please also see the contact page for further submission guidelines.

CD-R’s are fine as long as they contain complete material (full-length’s, EP’s, etc), but promos that only include two or three songs of a release don’t qualify for review.  Also, please abstain yourself from suggesting that I check out your music in your MySpace, Facebook, LastFM, or any other page or your website, we simply don’t have the time, nor the enthusiasm to do that.  Besides, it’s just lazy on your part!  If you must send a digital package, make sure it’s VERY clear how much time we have to access the data, too many times we’ve received press links with inactive downloads!  Digital formats of any variety are fine, but please keep in mind the following statement due to the enormous influx of digital press packages we’ve been receiving:

Physical copies are ALWAYS recommended and will take precedence over digital formats.  Provided it fits our general outlook in music, we will make sure to always review whatever comes into our hands provided it is no older than two years from publication date.  If you send it to us in physical form, rest assured it will get reviewed, no questions.

We encourage artists and labels to submit informational material as this proves to be useful during the review process. Please keep in mind, that turn-around time might be a few weeks, and that we do not promise to review all the digital releases we receive.  We do our best to send out the review links once they’ve been uploaded, but chances are we’ll skip one here and there, so constant visits to the site will help keep you updated.

– All items submitted to DEAF SPARROW will become property of the site. We will not return any submissions.

– DEAF SPARROW does not support piracy.  If you want your MP3 removed e-mail us and I’ll do so immediately.

– Please notify us of any factual errors by writing to: editor@deafsparrow.com

– Feedback (praise or bitching) is greatly encouraged, just write to: editor@deafsparrow.com