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Contact information is located at the end of this section, but it is strongly advised you first read any section below that may pertain to submitting materials for review or release.  First, legal junk to get out of the way, as well as some pointers.



– All items submitted become property of the site. We will not return any submissions.  We also will be utilizing hardcopy and MP3 submissions as further promotion through regular giveaways.  Hardcopy or MP3 submissions, thus, may be awarded to a single user for helping to promote a release in question.  If you do not want this to happen with your material, you must specify in your submission!

– DEAF SPARROW does not support piracy.  We do, however, support proper promotion.  If you do not have access to your music via at least a single track online, we will upload it with no download option to our Bandcamp page so users can hear samples.  If you want your material removed e-mail us and we’ll do so.

– Any band interested in contacting us for any promotion or projects MUST have some sort of online presence.  Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, or similar sites.  Facebook is highly recommended.  We’re promoting your band and being that it’s the number one social media site in the world, it’s kind of silly to not be on there in some capacity, regardless of how kvlt you think you are.  So please, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ONLINE PRESENCE FOR PROMOTION THAT’S WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT.

– Please notify us of any factual errors by writing to:

– Feedback (praise or bitching) is greatly encouraged, just write to:


If you’d like your releases (CD’s, MP3s, DVD’s, demos, vinyl, 7″s, tapes, etc. to be reviewed, send them to the address or email listed at the end of this section.

CD-R’s are fine as long as they contain complete material (full-length’s, EP’s, etc), but promos that only include two or three songs of a full release don’t qualify.  Also, please refrain from suggesting that we check out your music in your MySpace, Facebook, LastFM, or any other page or your website, other than Bandcamp.  If you must send a digital package, make sure it’s VERY clear how much time we have to access the data, too many times we’ve received press links with inactive downloads.  Please keep in mind the following statement due to the enormous influx of digital press packages we’ve been receiving in the past few years:

Physical copies are ALWAYS recommended and will take precedence over digital formats.  Provided it fits our general outlook in music, we will make sure to always focus on whatever comes into our hands provided it is no older than two years from publication date.  If you send it to us in physical form, rest assured it will receive priority attention.  However, please note we have been refraining from negative reviews even in the cases of hardcopy submissions.  This is in order to focus on what catches our attention the most due to the incredible number of promos we receive, as well as providing only positive reviews, which are more beneficial to all parties involved anyway.

If you’re sending any sort of promo package we encourage you to submit informational material about the band and release.  Turn-around time might be a few weeks, and that we do not promise to review all releases we receive.




Deaf Sparrow, on occasion, is going to be releasing CDs, vinyl, and cassette, as well as limited-run shirts.  If you’re interested in releasing under the label section of the site, which is small, simply note this in your email or package, but make sure you still pay attention to part of the guideline section below in any case.  We’re also planning on limited publications, but for such queries it is recommended you use email and NOT regular mail.  For any submission include proper contact info, the nature of your potential release, as well as background information.



We prefer to receive hardcopy submissions, as stated above, for the simple reason that they get priority.  Often lots of money goes into sending things via regular mail, and some bands, musicians, and labels take a lot of time to put these things together, so we’ll never choose digital over hardcopy in any case.  Before you send digital, please understand this.

What do we review?  If you’re not familiar with our site or review standards at all, please have a quick look around.  It is strongly recommended you check out some of our reviews.  Frequently we receive submissions from genres we’d never cover, and it ends up being a waste of everyone’s time, and possibly money.  We prefer focusing on obscure, extreme music, especially that’s relatively new (within two years) and has low coverage.  Bands or labels with higher hit-ratios we tend to avoid, because they already have a ton of press out there, and one more underground review site isn’t going to make much of a difference to them.

Genres!!!  Be very careful here!  If we get another acoustic solo album or pop-rock we’re going to scream hellfire.  However, if you have some black metal, prog, hardcore experimental, noise, black jazz, death metal, punk, post-anything, death industrial, noise, sludge, crust, or basically anything that sounds like the majority of people wouldn’t listen to it and it would make your parents call the authorities, or vomit, that’s our kind of thing.  Again, hardcopy gets priority, but regardless of your chosen route of submission, here is the information you need following this section.



Main Email:

Use this email for all contacts to Deaf Sparrow.  This includes all download information, press packages, complaints (otherwise use the comment boxes), criticism, words of devotion, emails you’d like directed to specific writers, and especially anything pertaining to issues with the website.

Snail Mail:

Deaf Sparrow
PO Box 5721
Charlottesville, VA 22905

Please note, all contacts to the snail mail address should be hard copies.  HARD COPIES ALWAYS GET PRIORITY.  Please do not send any download information by regular mail, that should all be done electronically using the email address provided above.  We strongly advise whether you’re a band, PR company, or label, that you include information about the band(s) you’d like us to review including information about the album(s) in question.  It saves us a lot of time, and in certain cases it will save you a lot of embarrassment.


If you’d prefer contacting Deaf Sparrow via Facebook for basic inquiries, you can do so by clicking right here.  BUT PLEASE DO NOT SEND ALBUM SUBMISSIONS TO US ON THERE.  We check Facebook almost every day, but responses to submissions will not be given, that is reserved for the information provided above.