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Please use the following for all contacts to Deaf Sparrow.  The necessary information is below after submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

We prefer to receive hardcopy submissions, for the simple reason that they get priority.  Often lots of money goes into sending things via regular mail, and some bands, musicians, and labels take a lot of time to put these things together, so we’ll never choose digital over their submissions in any case.  Before you send digital, please understand this.

What do we review?  If you’re not familiar with our site or review standards at all, please have a quick look around.  Frequently we receive submissions from genres or artists we’d never cover, and it ends up being a waste of both of our times, as well as your money if you send it in the mail.  At Deaf Sparrow we prefer focusing on obscure, underground music, especially of the extreme variety, that is new, generally not well-covered, or so underground only true fans know about it.  Bands or labels with higher hit-ratios we tend to avoid, because they already have a ton of press out there, and one more underground review site isn’t going to make much of a difference to them.

So, if you play black metal, prog, experimental, noise, black jazz, death metal, crust punk, hardcore, or basically anything that sounds like the majority of people wouldn’t listen to it, that’s our kind of thing.  Again, hardcopy gets priority, but regardless of your chosen route of submission, here is the information you need following this section.

Main Email:

Use this email for all contacts to Deaf Sparrow.  This includes all download information, press packages, complaints (otherwise use the comment boxes), criticism, words of devotion, emails you’d like directed to specific writers, and especially anything pertaining to issues with the website.

Snail Mail:

Deaf Sparrow
PO Box 5721
Charlottesville, VA 22905

Please note, all contacts to the snail mail address should be hard copies.  HARD COPIES ALWAYS GET PRIORITY.  Please do not send any download information by regular mail, that should all be done electronically using the email address provided above.  We strongly advise whether you’re a band, PR company, or label, that you include information about the band(s) you’d like us to review including information about the album(s) in question.  It saves us a lot of time, and in certain cases it will save you a lot of embarrassment.


If you’d prefer contacting Deaf Sparrow via Facebook for basic inquiries, you can do so by clicking right here.  BUT PLEASE DO NOT SEND ALBUM SUBMISSIONS TO US ON THERE.  We check Facebook almost every day, but responses to submissions will not be given, that is reserved for the information provided above.