Write for Deaf Sparrow

writeLooking to expand your mind through music most of the world is too frightened to test?  Do you have the melancholic heart of a depraved poet who finds the slightest dying leaf a tragedy?  Then that probably won’t cut it.  If you are interested in writing for the weird with us, without whining about it, without being pompous, but maybe being a little biting, then that’s different.  Keep in mind, should you seek to join the ranks of Deaf Sparrow writers, just an interest in music might not be enough, and no, it doesn’t matter how rabid you are either, in fact such types tend to write the worst reviews, because they can’t be objective.  Though we will gladly consider the work of new writers, we prefer you to have at least some journalistic experience, especially if it involves music criticism, but any sort of reviews will at least give you some background.  However, it’s best you have some experience in underground music, whether just a listener or a writer with years of publications.


Keep in mind we primarily review underground music, and though we have a wide variety of genres we analyze including jazz and death metal, not everything is for us, so don’t come asking if you’re interested in pop-punk, you’ll likely be laughed back where you came from.  What’s the pay?  Well, there isn’t any, at least not at the moment.  However, please consider that you’re going to be receiving tons of downloads, press packages, and hard copies (vinyl, cassettes, CDs, etc.), and that, in a sense, is how you’re actually being paid.  Considering the cost of music, you should be grateful to even have the opportunity and do everything in your power to make sure the hard-working bands, labels, and PR companies out there who spend money sending us this stuff get a review out of it, positive or negative.  If you’ve made it this far, then perhaps you’re worth considering.


Any interested writers should send the editor an e-mail at editor@deafsparrow.com Please include in your email your name, what you do, experience in writing, and links or files of any samples of your work.  Also, if you please, let us know why you would like to do such a thing and poison your mind with music most of the world fears. No response from us means we are not interested, but we usually take the opportunity to tell you to find another job.