We feature here only current staff members, not former members. We are currently only three and the filthiest, most vile, most misanthropic scum you will ever find. We cannot stand the underground, so we dig further below it and vomit our retch upon the provincials.

Stanley, Devourer of Souls: Editor and Owner

A feeder on the weak and a dominator of the pure, Stanley, Devourer of Souls is here to control your dreams and manipulate your opinions so that only his own matter. Random, self-deprecating, flagellating and autocratic, he knows that only the most rejected of things can possibly be the most desirable. He reviews anything, as long as it comes with a dark aesthetic and an apparent disgust for the human race that plagues the soil. Undermensch.

The Moore of Babylon: Lead Videograves Writer

The Moore is an unholy deity expatriated from the abysmal squalor of the underworld. Absorbing pop culture and the mortal hobby of video games led him to a spiraling obsession. When he’s not selling souls or grappling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he’s desperately searching for the next gripping horror experience to satisfy his addiction. Due to his in-humanoid appearance, he generally lives in seclusion, roaming the Australian wilderness for drop bears.

Phil the Reviler: Lead Filmurder Writer

After years of soul searching Phil the Reviler realized he would be unable to capture the souls of young scarified virgins to store in a jar. To curb his dark obsession, he turned to a cinematic world filled with horror, depravity, cruelty and degradation. No moments too surreal, no violence to extreme, when your preaching to the perverted, it is welcomed with open arms.