This page is specifically for writers who are seeking to publish with Deaf Sparrow.  Please note, I am a limited edition publisher, meaning I do limited print runs with limited distribution.  “But I want to make millions,” you say.  Then go somewhere else.  Go through agents or try you luck with a larger publisher, this is not for you.  Should your writing sell more and pick up what’s called good old fashion word-of-mouth advertising, printing will increase.  I’m not seeking the usual process here, my books will be limited run hardback, which I consider works of art.  THIS IS NOT A VANITY PRESS.  All printing is funded by ME, all shipping, all advertising, and all distribution.  I simply do it on a limited basis.  Currently I’m seeking to focus on hardback but are researching paperback and ebooks as well.  That being said, if you’re still interested in submitting, please read the following carefully.

  1. DO NOT submit more than one query.
  2. DO NOT submit anything if your work is not yet completed.
  3. DO NOT bother me to reply to your submission, I will in time unless you’ve broken a rule.
  4. DO NOT submit unedited work, check for errors.
  5. DO NOT submit any attachments unless requested.

Provided you’re clear on the above, I’m looking for any fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and graphic novels that are unusual.  I have no particular genre focus, but I’ve been in the business of publishing music for several years.  Literature was a recent decision.  That being said, only submit to me if you believe your work is unique, pushes boundaries, or creates something new out of the typical.  I will consider any genre including horror, Gothic, erotica, noir, science fiction, romance, fantasy, Decadence, generally anything if it fits the site’s aesthetic.  Sampling my music and film criticism should give you a basic idea, but I’m especially interested in work that seeks to bridge genres and has a strong visual component.  Inventive, artistic covers will be the norm, but interior artwork is not required.  If you think you have what it takes to get my attention so I waste my hard-earned money on you, go through the following checklist.  If any of the following rules are broken, I WILL NOT respond to your query.

  1. All queries should be sent to deafsparrow@gmail.com  Regular mail queries are a waste of time, don’t waste your money, email is best.
  2. In your subject line put QUERY (like that in all caps), followed by the name of your work, genre(s), and total word count.
  3. Inside the email give your name, phone number, and email.  Address it as “Dear Editor.”  Follow this with a one paragraph author introduction that includes any relevant writing experience.
  4. The next paragraph should be a quick, one or two paragraph synopsis of your work.
  5. The next paragraph should assess why you think your work deserves printing, what you feel makes it important in comparison to the usual publications of today.  End with “Sincerely,” followed by your name.
  6. After your conclusion, please paste the first ten pages of your work.  DO NOT submit via attachment, I’ll delete your submission.
  7. If, however, you have artwork that’s critical to your submission, attach NO MORE than three pieces that best represent the interior art or general feel of your work.
  8. General response time is about 2-4 weeks.  Please keep in mind I get an ENORMOUS volume of emails every day for promotions, interviews, and the like.  I’ll get to your submission in time, provided you’ve followed the steps above!
  9. If interested, I’ll contact you via email or phone in consideration of your work.  If not, I’ll respond only via email, and it will be brief.  Take it in stride if it happens, this is a subjective industry and I’m only looking for specific types of work that I want to waste my money on.
  10. If you’re not sure your work fits my parameters, even after reading everything above, simply browse some of my reviews by clicking ‘Canon’ above to get an idea of the kind of things I enjoy.
  11. Good luck!