Usurpress – Ordained (T-Shirt)

Usurpress - Ordained (T-Shirt)

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Usurpress - Ordained (T-Shirt)
Usurpress - Ordained (T-Shirt)

Usurpress - Ordained (T-Shirt)

Model Number: DS002-S
Usurpress's newest album, Ordained, was released in 2014 in both CD and vinyl. This new cassette version is unique to Deaf Sparrow, featuring a bonus track not included in the original release. This particular item is part of the remaining stock of the LIMITED press special shirt that matches the design of the album. Once they're gone, they're gone, we do NOT do reissues.
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Categories: Apparel
Manufacturer: Deaf Sparrow
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As part of a special, limited package, Deaf Sparrow released the Usurpress album "Ordained" as a limited-run cassette featuring a bonus track not released elsewhere from the same recording session, in addition to a special T-Shirt designed to match the artwork, as seen in this listing. In order to reduce the cost to buyers, I decided to print a set number of the shirts, including some beyond the order total. Thus, there is still some remaining stock to buy, but keep in mind it is now more expensive than the limited set, as those were designed as a special product for fans. If you're interested in the cassette, please note it's a different listing and must be purchased separately now.

Each package comes with one high-quality, silkscreened shit. Black, 100% preshrunk cotton, and now tagless. The shirt design is shown here in this listing.
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