Awful Staff

We feature here only current staff members, not former members. We are currently only four and the filthiest, most stupid, most misanthropic entities you will ever find. We cannot stand the underground, so we dig further below it and vomit our retch upon the provincials.


Stanley, Devourer of Souls: Editor and Owner

A feeder on the weak and a dominator of the pure, Stanley, Devourer of Souls is here to control your dreams and manipulate your opinions so that only his own matter. Random, self-deprecating, flagellating and autocratic, he knows that only the most rejected of things can possibly be the most desirable. He reviews anything, as long as it comes with a dark aesthetic and an apparent disgust for the human race that plagues the soil. Undermensch.


Arianne, Sovereign Deity of the Damned: Lead Bookill Writer

I’m Arianne, I read and review the most sick literature, with the most gruesome descriptions, written by some of the most fabulous vile minds. Expect 100% truth, and lots of outspoken opinions. Catch me on Instagram, posting 2 extra vile reviews a week on @ariannereadshorror!


David, Comptroller of Your Last Scrap of Existence: Lead Filmurder Writer

After ruining a once promising writing career making prank calls and bullying other “horror journalists,” David joined the team at Deaf Sparrow for the combination of freedom and respect afforded. He suffered greatly to get to this level, and now it’s your turn.


Toni, Gatherer of Bones, Lead Videograves Writer

I’m Toni Gatherer of Bones, in the literal sense. Basically, I’m a gamer and content creator who loves to play games where I can make a bloody mess. The gorier and more gruesome, the better! I enjoy all types of video games, but I have a soft spot for the ones that scare me to death and let me bring death to others (in the game, of course). I take my reviews seriously, and sometimes my honesty can be pretty brutal, leading to the death of certain video games. But hey, that’s just how I roll!