About Deaf Sparrow

Deaf Sparrow is an underground and independent site with a seething lust for underground media that has been in operation since 2007. Previously, it was only focused on music reviews, but this has branched out into film and video game reviews, as well as hardcopy, limited productions of cassette, CD, vinyl, and merchandise.  The current site you’re viewing was built in 2013 with artwork by George Tourlas.  We have a rotating set of writers, depending on their real life requirements, and one steady editor, who is also the company’s owner.

Our focus is on a wide variety of music and literature with a sickening and problematic emphasis on the eclectic and extreme.  We review and consider for publication anything that fits this general concept.  If you have a question about your submission, just ask us, but be sure to check our policies before doing so.  Our primary mission is to spread the word, inform and provide a fair but honest assessment of the horrifying trash we receive, with a special focus on releases with low exposure.  In addition, you can find interviews and other craziness on our social media.

Deaf Sparrow does not provide News, Boards or Forums, and we will not post this information publicly in any way. You’ll have to go to the other 100,000 kabillion shmillion other sites out there for that.  Would you really want to have another account on another forum?  If you have something to say, do it in the comments via Disqus.

If you’re interesting in contacting me to complain, please click below. Since you dug around this much, I’m sure you’re probably angry, or a stupid completist.

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