Yuki-onna – It’s Useless To Go On (Delicate Harsh Noise Wall)


Ah time to blast some harsh noise wall (HNW) eh, though it irritates me I have to spend precious moments of my day looking for this stuff. It needs to come in the promos and more regularly, without my effort specifically. I continuously find it baffling how little noise bands and labels put into press. I get it, you’re legit oondergrund, but we’re all in the same army of soil creatures, so can’t we stick together more? Until then I have to waste my own time to find little treasures like Yuki-onna’s It’s Useless To Go On. Thankfully it doesn’t stay true to its title, and that’s not easy with this genre. If you’ve heard one HNW barf album you’ve literally heard them all, because they are literally, for the sake of being figurative, the freaking same. How could it be possible to make anything recognizable in a genre that’s simply a wall of noise (thus the title)?


Most “acts” take an all-volume-or-nothing approach that achieves practically nothing. The mysterious Yuki-onna, however, has crafted something much more delicate in It’s Useless To Go On. That would seem contradictory, but the true trick to HNW is not volume but rather texture. Within the pulsating static cloud are cautiously extracted patterns both eerie and irritating. The true connoisseur of this genre realizes that the art lies in convincing the listener’s mind to probe what it hears instead of merely accepting it. HNW that relies on volume does the opposite. Though not the most intricate of this type of noise I’ve heard, Yuki-onna shows promise for more inventive releases and this is certainly much better than the usual.


Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Yuki-onna – It’s Useless To Go On
Lost Notes Media

Cover Art: Unknown
4.1 / 5