Syning – S/T (Catacomb Synth Depressing Black Metal)


Oh groan, I said, scoping the cover of this. I like my corpses in black and white, but though I’m not 100% certain I’m pretty sure this is yet another metal cover utilizing a shot from the Capuchin catacombs. If not, something close to it and when repetition of this nature is strong, you expect the music to collapse under the weight of all that came before. And these guys are from Norway boasting members that have worked with bands such as Gorgoroth and Manes? Oh god no please. Sometimes I should just shut the hell up and listen first. I’m too prone to judge by looks, though in my defense it’s usually right to do so. Syning have proved otherwise with this impressive debut of depressing black metal and catacomb synth. I’d say dungeon, but that stuff sucks so let’s start a new thing.


I like my black metal depressing and I do like synth, but few bands have combined these elements with enough success. Syning gets it. And now you can get it. Dungeon synth = bad. Just remember that. Also forget my earlier Norway stab, I’m over it now. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, the primary point is they never lose focus regardless of their approach. Syning’s sound remains mysterious and forbidding no matter their approach, the fast and slow segments being most noticeable in this regard, and it must be added that the utilization of synth is darkly sophisticated, never outmoded. The cassette dropped prior to this review, but Terratur Possessions is releasing the vinyl in April, so you should best get on real black metal synth for once before catacomb becomes the new thing.


Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Syning – S/T
Cloven Hoof Brewing & Releasing, Terratur Possessions

4.5 / 5