Kryptik Mutation – Pulle from the Pit (Clearly Brutal Death Metal)


Oh damn we got a monster cover here whooo. Also impalement. Through an eye. Why is this happening and what does it mean? It doesn’t matter, folks, because this is Kryptik Mutation! They’re not here for the sake of clarity, unless you specifically mean brutal death metal with a legible logo. They’re absolutely clear on that. But, can they clearly pull off a sound that won’t bore me to tears? Because most of this stuff does so I don’t know… Let’s give it a chance, though, and see if they can rip with their latest, Pulled from the Pit.


Other than the reference to a cool Nintendo game, Kryptik Mutation take that “K” spelling to the bank. This is clearly brutal death metal in the vein of perhaps a million bands you could name; intricately patterned tap riffs, solid drumming, vocals from the brutal heart, it’s all here and if you need any further explanation I feel bad for you. Now, usually, that means I’m going to score it average at best like the C student it is and in the case of Pulled from the Pit Kryptik Mutation is so clear with their aesthetic they absolutely needed to bring it to succeed. Thankfully, they clearly do. There are no niceties beyond what it wants to be, and stylistically speaking it won’t turn any heads, but in a world of shit like this they’re likely to be that one band you remember from a fest because they so solidly delivered.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Kryptik Mutation – Pulled from the Pit
Redefining Darkness Records

Cover Art: Andrei Bouzikov
4.5 / 5