Pukewraith – Banquet of Scum (Grimy Death Metal)


I frequently misuse the word ‘puke’ and refer to practically everything we review here under that blanket term, as well as probably using ‘filth’ too much, but if it upsets one ex-con Xbox player, eh, who cares? So the great thing about Pukewraith is the word is already covered and I don’t have to reduce myself to a pile of inarticulate rubbish again. So, with Banquet of Scum, let’s continue the tradition of gross word analogies without putting in any word, just like this one-man gut-gorger doesn’t need to put much effort into writing death metal of the grimy type.


Pukewraith consists of one disgusting Canadian, Brendan Dean, who’s repertoire includes a few other bands of similar grossities, but he’s probably in top form here specifically. Sometimes you just need to get things done alone. Banquet of Scum keeps the listener engaged with catchy, vile riffs, simplistic bass, and a lighter touch of drumming so the main sound has focus. Interspersed in this mix are skill-busting solos, just in case you didn’t think guy could play. It’s pretty clear what it is on the surface, but if you like your grime time, get it. It was released last year on CD, but now it’s soon to get a vinyl drop from Blood Harvest Records. Take your pick of the puke.


Pukewraith Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Pukewraith – Banquet of Scum
Blood Harvest Records, Sewer Rot Records

Cover Art: Nve Michael (Gruesome Graphx)
4.4 / 5