Intéremo – Buried in Rotten Remains (Crunchy South American Swedeath What?)


This one surprised me for one detail. I swore to God and all previous pagan deities and whatever else that this absolutely had to be from somewhere in South America. Chile, I thought. But, nope, actually Sweden! Talk about incorrect! Anyway, this presents a conundrum and something unexpected at the same time. Swedish death metal is known for its rather unique approach, but here we have an album that sounds alien to its home soil, yet accessible as though it were from other parts. Is that possible? Sure, I mean jeez someone tried to do black metal in Canada with geese once. Okay that album sucked so that’s not the best analogy, but see?


So Intéremo play a non-Swedish style of death metal. Buried in Rotten Remains lacks the experimental, obtuse aesthetic Swedeath is known for, but yet it carries its own weight rather well with its drowned bass and buzzsaw riffing. The action is straightforward, sure, the drums perhaps ready to burst, but its got a groove that’s easy to consume. You’re not going to be taken to another realm of existence with these Swedes, but in the end you’re going to get the crunchy death (with solos to bleed) you need now and again. It can tire after repeated listens, but takes awhile to get there. Great in bursts for sure, and for a debut full-length, it leaves expectations high.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Intéremo – Buried in Rotten Remains
Goregeous Productions

Cover Art: Murfack (M. Rafi Fathurrohman)
4.1 / 5