Solipnosis – Síntesis Silenciosa (Reality-Altering Progressive Blackened Speed Metal)


Dang Chile can you calm the fuck down? Christ you’re killing me here with all this awesome stuff! I’m just going to review stuff from Chile now, sorry everyone, this is a 100% Chilean underground site starting today. Well, of course not, but it could be if I keep getting promos like the latest from machete-wielding, vegetation stomping monster Solipnosis. This particular EP, Síntesis Silenciosa, was conceived as a bridge between his last full-length, the rare and underappreciated Clarividencia, Introspecci​ó​n, Retrospecci​ó​n, and an upcoming sophomore album, but man it’s enough on its own holy shit. I can’t take any more!


Solipnosis has been called progressive, and he’s definitely that. Progressed beyond human comprehension, perhaps. Billed as “four esoteric essays” about stuff like the “soul of the intermediary self” presented through “ultra-metallic expression.” If you can understand what I wrote there, then you’ll understand the music. With shrieking, howling intent, Solipnosis will leave you second-guessing the meaning of metal, and life. The structures and approaches here are so varied within the realm of black and speed metal it’s impossible to catalog all of it. With its interjection of acoustic mysticism for some of the tracks, Síntesis Silenciosa will leave you damn near breathless. It’s kind of amazing, because he has a somewhat lo-fi and scattered approach, but man does it bleed! Shit Chile, stop already with this goodness!


Solipnosis Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Solipnosis – Síntesis Silenciosa
විරූපි Propaganda

Cover Art: Trueno de Hera
4.7 / 5

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