Funeral Vomit – Monumental Putrescence (Molten Puke Death Metal)


You ever wonder what it would be like to vomit at a funeral? Or is this a question about a funeral for vomit? Can one grieve over vomit? Or, rather, is it perhaps that the entire cortège is releasing vomit at a funeral? These are only some of the questions that come to mind. Well, Colombia’s Funeral Vomit set out to determine the answers to these pressing questions, and in doing so they created an entire band out of it, followed by a demo, two splits, and EP, and then their first foray into truly discovering the knowledge they sought, Monumental Putrescence. The pile of bones that remains after this one is certainly a statement of the fact. Simply put, get ready to puke!


Central and South America have really got the putrid death metal thing mastered. How did it happen? Doesn’t matter, but the region is acknowledged as the mecca of this kind of sound, and Funeral Vomit are taking it slightly further. Monumental Putrescence digs up the old graves of many a band, yet it’s much easier to categorize it under a single term because of the modern production: thick. Consisting of seven tracks with three extras inserted for grave-robbing atmosphere (intro, interlude, and outro) as soon as the drums kick you can feel this shit in your lower intestines all the way up to the palate. Everything about it is from the lowest depths of digestion, but especially the vocals, hot damn. Bubbling like molten puke, one has to wonder what kind of hideous freak retched up this disgusting sound. Truly inhuman, and the cathedral upon mountains of bones that is Funeral Vomit (see cover art for more details). This shit will put thick slabs of muscle on you with no effort if you don’t mind puking simultaneously.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Funeral Vomit – Monumental Putrescence
Xtreem Music

Cover Art: Julián Felipe Mora Ibanez
4.6 / 5