Dipygus – S/T (Devonian Beast Sludge Death)


This is one of the few bands that came in the promos in the past year that really nails their themes and aesthetic to a degree that deserves attention alone. I’m not sure entirely how to define what you’re about to get out of this, either, but it’s a mixture of center of the earth beings, medical oddities, cryptids, and parasitic worms. Yeah, I’m serious, it’s that fucking weird. Amass all these seemingly disconnected ideas into a form of musical prehistoric worship, and that’s probably Dipygus. This new self-titled is an extinct species scientists have tried to disprove as having purpose in the evolutionary chain.


That’s meant in an endearing sense. From the moment it begins, this album evokes backwards steps in evolution that make you want to cross-species mate. Bringing up forgotten beasts out of some volcanic, lost world stew, Dipygus craft an extremely unusual sound. It’s gross and prehistoric, but digs into the ears like a giant, mutated, Devonian worm with its devolved riffs and flailing bass lines. I’ve seen a lot of comparisons tossed around, but in truth there are so many shifts in patterns your mind latches on simply to make sense out of it. Nothing seems the same after. I found all preconceptions cast aside from their obsession with earth-crawling life and prehistoric cryptids, melted together like bootleg plastic monster toys at the hands of a malformed child wielding kerosene. One listen of this kind of thing is never enough.


Dipygus Official Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Dipygus – S/T″
Crypt of the Wizard, Headsplit Records, Memento Mori

Cover Art: Hayden Hall (Sick Slice)
4.6 / 5

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