Shitfucker Interview

Shitfucker hail from nasty Detroit, some say the most bankrupt city in America. Others, upon listening to the music of this deranged trio, will probably say that the city is also morally corrupt. Shitfucker’s latest is titled Suck Cocks in Hell and was released by ‘major metal indie’ Hell’s Headbangers, a move that is bound to put far more eyeballs on Shitfucker. Being familiar with their early racket we wanted to find out more about the band, their current affairs and the recording itself. Answering our questions were Daemon Bitch (bass & Vocals) and Zyklon-T Shagrat (guitars). Read on and spread the word…


DS  –  Let’s talk a bit of history, you guys hail from Michigan and have participated in the FOAD compilation [The Filthiest of Apocalyptic Detroit – editor]. First of all how did the band come together and what motivated this union? 


DB – Shitfucker started almost ten years ago with me (Daemon Bitch) on vocals and bass, Bruce Butcher SS on guitar, and Tony Kaos on drums. We started with the intent to play raw fuckin noise in the vein of Discharge, Shitlickers, Disclose… We weren’t good at our instruments and recorded a few demos never worried about success or any sort of recognition, we just wanted to play and fuck shit up. Even our first shows were vomit and beer soaked destruction, so that never changed. Soon we asked Zyklon-T  on second guitar. Our drummer quit probably because we hardly practiced unless we had a show coming up at the time and left to join Anguish… Butcher SS moved to drums and this is when we started sounding darker… Shortly after INRI-FOAD Butcher SS left the band and we got Styx Chizzler to join giving us our current lineup of the unholy Shitanic lords!


I think we all bring different elements that make us what we are, theres a lot of leather studs blood and noise. Homosexual nazi biker cult mentality. we all have the same desire to make gnarly fuckin daemonic rock! UK 82 punk, GBH, The Exploited, Hellhammer, GISM, Sabbat, Broken Bones  worship!  Yes living in Detroit definitely made an impact. If we were from a different city we would not have the same shit sound, you can’t fake it. We are all fuckin broke and its hard to do anything just because no one has any fuckin money to do shit! The city is depressing, you have the risk of getting jumped, raped, and murdered, just walking to the beer store! I dont know if anything is owed to Detroit Cock City because its already taken so much from us in the process of getting here! We are the filthiest of apocalyptic Detroit! FOAD!


DS – I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to your demos, but I have listened to your first EP INRI-FOAD several times and it is fucking raw and fairly deranged. I am just wondering how those demos must fucking sound like. Anyway, was there ever the concern of losing the audience with such ‘lo fi’ (for lack of a better term) sounds? 


DB –  The earlier demos are more D-Beat raw punk but still dark and foreshadows what we became with songs like Nightmare, War God, Bike Warrior and Shitfucker. No! We are not concerned with whether people like us or not. We dont give a fuck, our shit is for lovers of the common filth we praise ourselves, not for outsiders! People either hate it or they love it. I’m not making something that I can take to grandma, Im making shit that i can take over there when shes telling me im a fuck up and blow her fuckin head off with my cock noise! RIP grandma!  I like Venom and Bathory…i like shit that rocks and loud and fuckin brutal so you can bang your fuckin head with your friends and bang the heads of your enemies! I dont care if its shitty sound quality or good, if you can feel it within yourself than it must be good!


ZTS –  If people like it…good. If people hate it…even better. I can honestly say I don’t care about what anybody thinks about our music. It is a manifestation of our collective wills and can only be exactly what it is on this plane. There is no remorse, no second guessing. It is a living, breathing, snarling entity. It’s all fangs and claws and flashing red eyes. It will rip your hand off if you try to pet it.


DS – INRI-FOAD, I must have listened to it 20 times in a row. The vocals are pretty crazy and there are several ways these are being sung. At times I think of Brazilian metal in the 80’s and maybe that is even aided by the title of the recording, INRI. When you think about perfect metal of the 80’s, outside of Sodom, Motorhead and Venom, what bands come to you as fucking great and why?


DB –  Manowar -Kings of Metal! Judas Priest-Gods of Metal!


ZTS –  Motorhead and Judas Priest are masters of the 70’s with both bands best  albums being released in the 70’s or in the year 1980. The 80’s actually heralded a decline for both bands. Some of the best master metal bands of  the 80’s are Metallica, Iron Maiden, Accept, Plasmatics, Venom, Raven, Manowar, Hellhammer, Mercyful Fate, Destruction, Bathory, Sarcofago, Tormentor, Repulsion, Slaughter, Razor, Death, Witchfinder General and St.Vitus. Honorable mention to Mayhem for “Deathcrush” alone. These bands are the most influential bands of the 80’s.  These bands were truly on top of their game. All other great bands of the 80’s had major influence from one or several of these bands. While Sodom are metal masters they were Hellhammer clones at first. If you try to tell me Hellhammer were just Venom clones I’d say fuck you, they were far too shitty at their instruments but this created a new sound all their own! Iron Maiden is the best overall metal band of the 1980’s. There are also very many influential punk bands from the 1980’s. I still consider us very much a punk band…a metal punk band.


DS – I have looked thoroughly for your demo and EP’s and was never able to get a hold of any original copies. Even your new Singles Collection which was  just released seems elusive. Are there any plans to release these together? 


ZTS –  Yes. Most of our releases are limited in the present because they were released years ago! The supply fit the demand at the time and if you don’t have them or can’t find them now all I can say is you should of have had the foresight to have been there at the beginning! People need not have everything available to them at all times. The singles collection tape was the re-release of the first 2 ep’s. This is still available but only through us. You must prove your worth by doing your research and asking instead of just buying. I don’t see any other further re-releases of old material at this time…better left to be devoured by time and dust.


DS  – Let’s pretend we are in front of each other and I say the following to initiate a conversation,

a-    ‘a lot of times when I see Shitfucker written in print I think of another band and when I don’t think of another band I get these really insane images in my head of someone having coitus with a steaming turd….’  Please answer and include the reason for such moniker and how you got to it.
b-    ‘some may say that image is too important these days and that in some styles it is obvious that bands use it to divert the attention from their lackluster musical abilities…’ Please answer, elaborate, thoughts…musical abilities overrated?
c-    ‘shitty fucker……’ ……


DB  –  A. If it was at a bar i would go up to them and offer them a cocktail (which i had already slipped lsd in) and give it to them, they would say dumb shit about our band name and poop sex but then we would laugh and chit chat, soon id cut to the chase, “Hey, how do you feel about taking some photos?” at first he would be confused giving me a puzzling stare, id offer him twenty bucks and tell him its what i like spend my money on… he agrees. We go back to my place, i give him another drink and he starts to feel the acid, ” Hey i don’t feel too good, what’d you put in my drink?”  He gets up to make it to the door and i hit him in the head with my roommates hammer, he’s bleeding, he awakens chained up in my sex dungeon to the intro of our newly mastered tracks of the upcoming Suck Cocks in Hell LP.  He realizes he’s dead, I am in full leather, masturbating over his body cutting myself and lapping up the blood like a rabid dog howling and screaming in a frenzy of lust! I turn this shit up on my stereo all the way and tell him ” You think of a different band? You only think of poopy genitals? Well here is what i think” and put my Hitler youth dagger up his fuckin’ asshole and drive it in and out until the wound is big enough to fit the headstock of my SG bass up it and play him some of my favorite riffs off our new album! After that i stab him and fuck his holes, cut him up and put him in the acid bath!


B. I would take you into my room and show you my collection of leather and you would be strapped down to a bed while i shit in your mouth!   I cant get enough leather and studs. Although its less about image and musical ability and more about attitude, that is the most important… in our case we have a strong image and are probably some of the highest ability musicians in the Metro Detroit area with shitty attitudes, so FUCK YOU!


C. I have never listened to shitty fucker.


ZTS –  If anyone asked me any of those questions, I’d probably be so annoyed I’d have no choice but to smash their skull against the wall. I don’t even see the relevance in justifying them with an answer. If those are ones opinions why would I fucking care? Everyone has their own perspective. As far as Shitty Fucker, I have never heard them either, nor am I curious to. They have a drawing of toilet paper on there album cover. They convey nothing to me. They are devoid of power.


DS – Sexual Maniac, maybe I am wrong but the lyrical content changes here, from rather satanic to sexual, as it is stated in the title. What was the change between recordings? Was it just the mood the band was in? Was it conscious to steer the lyrics in another direction or were you just influenced by something at the time.


DB –  Sexual Maniac is very sexual but equally satanic, if you read the lyrics you will see this… At the time I was getting a lot of pussy! Fucking everyone, boys and girls are what I like in tight black leather studs and spikes!  I guess that we were very horny at the time we recorded this ep.. this was the transition when Butcher left the band and Styx Chizzler joined and we experimented with drugs, sex, and Satan and never changed this! I don’t really write a song to have it be about sex or satanic sounding, at this period of Shitfucker I was developing my writing skill and writing sort of longer song lyrics and writing based on personal experiences. Pretty much every song has a story behind it yet it can be interpreted in many ways to the listener who does not  know us personally. So a lot of the songs have hidden meanings…. or not.


ZTS – I think that as Daemonbitch succumbed to his weekly beatings and humiliations at the hands of Styx Chizzler and I his resistance finally wore down. His unnatural perversions that he had inside rose to the surface. Sexual is Satanic…Satan is sex. Satan is Set…the serpent…the foul phallus spewing venomous semen. Poisoning the virtuous womb of the virgin with a cancerous, pulsating mass.


DS-So Shagrat, Shitfucker has been around since 2005 and your output has been consistent ever since, but only now with the upcoming Hell’s Headbangers release do we get to see wider exposure on the band. What has
motivated this push and the actual recording of what is your first full-length? Is it just some sort of organic growth or a raising profile on the band or are you guys in a way ready to take Shitfucker to another level with more exposure and cleaner sounds?


ZTS –  There has been no conscious push of the band. Everything has stemmed from a natural progression. Chase (of Hell’s Headbangers records) approached me at Cinema Wasteland and said he was interested in putting something out by us. It just so happened we were about to start recording the record. We didn’t really know what we were gonna do with the record up to that point so it was the logical step to send it to them when we finished. Obviously much of the recent hype is due to them. They have the distribution to reach a far larger audience than we have been able to in the past. This record wasn’t recorded on a moldy cassette tape 8-track so the sound quality is clearer but nor necessarily cleaner. It is still suitably raw and filthy and I’m sure most internet faggots will think it fucking sucks.  We will do what we do regardless…we still play on the same shitty and broken equipment. We still act like wild animals!


DS –  Your upcoming record is titled Suck Cocks in Hell, which I think comes from my favorite movie line ever ‘your mother sucks cock in hell in The Exorcist’. Is there a specific theme to the album? What can people who
know Shitfucker expect from the band? 


DB –  There really isn’t a concept or theme, all the lyrics I wrote over a period of time that i was taking a lot of acid, like four times a month tripping and getting fried… like i said they are all about personal experiences… some good, some freaky… in a battle with sanity, the veils of reality wearing thin. I was ready to kill or kill myself… Hail Satan, Hail the Shit SS! I guess a general theme could be anti-sanity. We recorded it with the same dudes that did the Filthiest Of Apocalyptic Detroit comp so I guess you can compare it to that recording but this one is much louder, not really cleaner. You can definitely hear everything better but its still loud and raw. I do not want clean sound, only dirty penis music… Suck Cocks In Hell was produced by the SHIT SS..


ZTS –  In a lot of respects this record is the nastiest we’ve done. The artwork alone will probably disappoint and disgust a lot people.


DS-How about we go recording by recording and you talk a little bit about them; Your memories? What the mindset was in the band at the time? How were the recording and under which conditions? How does each fare compare to others and how do these represent the band nowadays:

Total Fucking Noise
Human Disorder
ReHearShell Tape 2007
Sexual Maniac
The Singles Collection
Suck Cocks in Hell


DB –  All recorded in various shitty black mold infested basements in or around Detroit. All other details are secrets of the Shit SS…


ZTS –  Yeah…I don’t remember much…Sexual Maniac recording was horrible…tons of dog shit and piss and black mold everywhere in this basement we did it in. Even I was irritated and fucking repulsed….The F.O.A.D comp was done in an old slaughterhouse warehouse in Detroit…I remember it being ungodly hot and smelling of rotting death. I don’t remember anything else.


DS – Since you have participated in the FOAD comp I assume you are proud to hail from Detroit, please type in the first things that come to mind upon the mention of these ‘famous’ local musicians, please feel free to expand:
Kid Rock
Alice Cooper
Black Dahlia Murder
Electrix Six
The drummer from the red Hot Chili Peppers
Iggy Pop
Ted Nugent
Jack White
Uncle Cracker
Acid Witch


DB –  Kid Rock- Baw to the baw to bangda band diggy wiggy diggy up the boogy….
 Prince – Purple Rain.
 Alice Cooper – Love it to Death.
 Black Dahlia Murder – fags.
 Chiodos – cheetos.
 Electric Six – fags.
 Drummer from chili pepper – looks like Will Ferell.
 Eminem-  i met him once in person!
 Iggy pop-  fuckin’ awesome.
 Madonna-  jew
 Parliament-  funkadelic.
 Ted Nugent-  fucking God
 Jack White-  fag
 Uncle Kracker-  my real uncle!
 Xibit-  Pimp My Ride.
 Taproot-  what? ugh…who?
 Acid Witch-  fags!


ZTS –  Kid Rock- I liked him when he had a Kid ‘n Play flat top haircut better than I do now.

 Prince – He’s actually from Minnesota not Michigan. He sucks.
Alice Cooper-  Meeting him once with some friends and having him look at us and say “Woah! You guy’s    could be my new band!” Then he threw his cane right into my girlfriends hand at a different show. Alice is the man of course!
Black Dahlia Murder-  Their singers face getting punched. He got beat up at a Midnight gig here.
 Chiodos-  Killer Klowns from Outer Space…Chiodos bros. made that movie.
 Electric Six-  Neighbors…used to live next door to their bass player. When he moved out we actually
moved into his old house. Now Shitfucker dominates the basement!
 Drummer from chili pepper-  is in a band with Razzle from “Suburbia”
 Eminem-  pillhead butthole whiner…
 Iggy pop-  Jim Osterberg…revolutionized rock ‘n’ roll with The Stooges. Total hippy killer.
 Madonna-  Madonnas Tits
 Parliament-  Black Acid heads…total fucking ragers!
 Ted Nugent-  Deadly Tedly! Wango Ze Tango! He used to have his own beef jerky here.
 Jack White-  overrated hipster douchebag who wears stupid hats.
 Uncle Kracker-  Auntie Knigga
 Xibit-  He’ll put a fishtank in your car.
 Taproot-  seriously?! cmon…Craproot.
 Acid Witch-  FAGS!


DS- Shagrat you are a very accomplished artist. I mean the artwork on the Acid Witch records is just incredible. Can you elaborate a little bit in how you got into this world?  Influences? Any formal education? Preferred
mediums? And how can interested parties in commission work can get a hold of you?


ZTS –  Thanks…but I don’t consider myself as such. There is a manic restlessness within me that pushes me to always improve. However, I don’t think this is uncommon among visual artists. My favorite work is always the one that I haven’t done yet. My grandfather was a painter and so it’s always been inherently familiar to me. I’ve been drawing pictures of bloody skulls, ninjas and Robocop since I was a kid so not too much has changed. Most of my work I’m known for was done in acrylic due to time, money and space / ventilation issues. Oils are the ultimate medium though. My influences range from Frazetta to Fulci…Caravaggio to Carpenter…Beksinki to Buttgereit. Film has played as much of a role on shaping my aesthetics as other painters have. Deep down inside I think their is a neoclassicist waiting to get out however. I have a severe reverence for the past and an almost dogmatic sense of allegiance to the “old ways”. Not only in art but also in music. I would probably paint like Ingres if I had the talent…however I am also too corrupted by the Baroque and Romantic periods to ever be so precise. German Expressionism has always fascinated my psyche and is always present in all aspects of my work and music. The humor and boundary bending troublemaking of the Dadaists can be seen in the art for “Suck Cocks In Hell”…that’s something for the intellectuals out there to ponder over! I’m fully prepared for people to severely misinterpret the art for this record…and I will not say what the correct interpretation is.


DS – What are your all time favorite Detroit records and which bands (not necessarily from Detroit) are you listening to the most these days?


DB –  Alice Cooper: “Love it to Death”, Ted Nugent: “Penetrator”, Iggy and the Stooges: “Raw Power”, Halloween: “Don’t Metal With Evil”


ZTS –  Repulsion: “Horrified”, Alice Cooper: “Killer”, Cactus: “One Way…Or Another”, Power Of  Zeus: “The Gospel According To Zeus”, Ted Nugent: “Ted Nugent”, Negative Approach: “Tied Down”, Medieval: “Medieval Kills”, Crucifucks: “Crucifucks”, Gore: “Stem The Bloodbath” demo, Cematery: “Up From The Grave” demo, Sauron “Thrash Assualt”,  3-D Invisibles: “Jump Off The Screen”, Esham: “Closed Casket”, and of course, Halloween: “Don’t Metal With Evil”….some of these bands are from other parts of Michigan but you get the idea. I listen to the “All Knobs to the Right” demo by Medieval everyday to get pumped up as well as Nitro’s “O.F.R”.


DS- Any last words?




ZTS – “I told her that I came from Detroit city and I played guitar in a long haired rock n roll band. She asked me why the singer’s name was Alice, I said listen baby, you really wouldn’t understand” – Alice Cooper.


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Interview Conducted by Bobby Peru