Prostitute Disfigurement: From Crotch to Crown

Yay!!! Another cool death metal release that breaks new territory with such themes as rape, serial killing, and murder.  Prostitute Disfigurement hails from the Netherlands, and granted we don’t know how quickly things change over there, but given the great strides death metal has made lately these guys no longer have an excuse to sound the way they do.  Don’t get us wrong the classic death metal sound is pretty god damn brilliant but much like the women Prostitute Disfigurement writes about, they also need to fucking die.

The engineering and mixing on From Crotch to Crown are about the only things that are have any merit of music tenacity.  But with all the advance in recording technology over the last few years, this praise should go without being said.  The guitars, bass, and drums all thump away like every mid 90’s death metal band ought to be doing.  Its been 5 years since Prostitute Disfigurement’s last album and in no way have they changed how they do things.  We’re not knocking not enjoying to listen to the same shit over and over but writing the same shit??  Come on.

The vocals and lyrics are what really stand out, in a more or less obvious way.  The subject matter heavily favors the typical death metal themes of, rape, serial killing, murder, sex, necrophilia, and etc.  Which brings us to our biggest pet peeve with this album.  This entire thing’s focus is the aforementioned themes in regards to women.  Ahh, yes let us take this review as an opportunity to slam misogyny in death metal.

It’s really time to fucking grow up and move past this kind of crap.  There is artistic expression- from mediocre to brilliant- and it’s hard to really pin down what artistic expression is objectively  but god damn if Prostitute Disfigurement don’t heavily rely upon old and stupid themes for expression.  The one subtle difference in regards to their chosen subject matter is that they actually have a song called, “Dismember the Transgender.” But it’s time to put the female bashing away, these themes of control have a disorienting effect on people and really skew the perceptions of its listeners.  All we can imagine as far as people who actually enjoy listening to these themes are sad men who don’t actually know how to talk to women.  It’s as if every single woman is an object for their fantasy, something they can control, but in reality women aren’t anything but other human beings.  It would be one thing to just write about killing, as fucked up as it is, at least it’s indiscriminate.

A certain part of me wants to chalk this up to just not understanding what the fuck the appeal is of talking about women in this fashion, but then again it doesn’t take Sigmund Fucking Freud to see that the personal issues someone has with women manifesting themselves in these themes is sad, pathetic, and immature.  It’s either time to progress beyond the female bashing gentlemen and move on to transcending your old and dying ways of thinking or die in the gutter, disfigured, like one of your prostitutes.

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Written by Nick the Animal

Prostitute Disfigurement: From Crotch to Crown
2 / 5