Magnetic Stripper – Extended Play-R

In the world of experimental music you have MLG and you nave n00bs.  Unfortunately, the latter tends to dominate the field, simply because everyone thinks it’s so easy to do.  This becomes especially noticeable with noise, which is probably the most overrated genre in existence because at least 90% of “artists” waste our time hopping from pedals, screaming anti-Christian obscenities through distortion, looping Disney tapes while flashing genitals, and the like.  Noise is deceptive, it’s not completely chaotic when it’s at its best.  Sadly, when it tends to be so very awesome, the artists in question are usually unknown, don’t push their presence, and sink into the background, grasping desperately through a crowd of hopeful and hopeless idiot “musicians.”  Magnetic Stripper is a name only the most seasoned of underground fans has ever heard of, and he’s been working for quite some time, he just doesn’t do much other than the occasional live show, though he’s been creating his incredibly diverse sound for almost twenty years.  Sadly, in spite of this, and his impressive live set-ups, James Ellis has only two releases to the Magnetic Stripper name, and a Facebook barely promoted.  To his credit, the reason for that is the stupid site prohibited usage of the word ‘stripper’ in any regard, even if it referred to a piece of machinery.  Extended Play-R is the most accessible of his releases in terms of availability, and God damn it makes one wish the rest of the tracks were available for all of you to listen to.


The Strips, as we shall hereby call him, we feel enough closeness to his sound to do so, really needs to work harder on himself.  If you checked out the video link above, just look at that costume.  Buddy, if you can put that much time into the damn costume, work on your online presence!  This is the internet!  All it takes is some emails, some forum bombing, and so forth, and people know your name.  Considering that he makes experimental noise that’s entirely listenable from start to finish, with sickening amounts of variety, there’s no doubt more people in noise would give him a listen if he’d move from costume to promotion.  Why?  Because his sound is upper-level, it’s next level, Hell it’s beyond all of that and it creates a level above the level.


Extended Play-R is one of the most beautiful pieces of experimental electronica to ever grace the PO box of Deaf Sparrow in the past decade.  Magnetic Stripper knows exactly how to create.  It isn’t simply a layering of harsh sounds; no HNW bullshit, no minute-long snippets pieced together from a session running several hours, 90% of which was crap (sorry Maso).  Magnetic Stripper is a true artist of sound, in every sense of the concept.  This small 7″ comes with only four tracks spanning the years 2008-2010, but they’re plenty to give you an idea and crave more output than is humanly possible for him.  The above sample is lighter, others, like “Feel,” present dark, brooding landscapes with electronic organisms engaged in some sort of bizarre interplay.  The title track almost sounds like dark pulses inside of an oceanic trench, with these organisms communicating to the listener via artificial means.  That’s one of the things that make his work so genius, it has a very organic quality to what is entirely technological, something which we’ve essentially never heard before him, or after since he’s been around awhile.  As a work of music, we have absolutely no complaints about this one, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy if there are any remaining.  Otherwise, the only complaint we have is to The Strips himself.  Good God man, do some promotion for once!


Magnetic Stripper Official Facebook

Written by Stanley Stepanic

Magnetic Stripper – Extended Play-R
5 / 5