Theologian – Some Things Have To Be Endured (LP Edition)

It’s time for some of The Blast (our ‘hey there buddy’ nickname for Crucial Blast), perhaps one of the most underrated underground labels currently, with powerhouses like Gnaw Their Tongues under the belt, bursting at the seams.  Theologian is relatively new in the scene of death industrial, though that tag doesn’t necessarily describe him.  In fact, it’s probably too restrictive, so toss it.  Known also as Leech, he’s been creating sickening synth-based sounds since around 2009 of a kind that really deserves to have itself defined as-is, instead of inclusive to anything in particular.  Crucial Blast released his album Some Things Have To Be Endured first on CD in 2013, and then decided to put in on vinyl in November of this year due to interest in a reissue.  In fact, during a private conversation with Adam, label head, he informed us that an audience for at least certain releases is demanding some of The Blast’s back catalog be unearthed in the coming months for vinyl reissue.  This one in particular is our first sampling of this movement towards analog necromancy, and it comes filled with all of the horrifying imagery that makes Theologian such an all-inclusive project of visual and auditory mastery.  There is no difference between this and the CD, other than the blood-red vinyl it’s printed on and completely different artwork.  “Why get it?” you may ask.  That’s one of the great things about underground music, if you see a reissue it’s a sign of dedication and worth.  And trust us, this is worth it on any format.  Luckily for us we didn’t review it in its previous incarnation, we got a taste of updated sickness.  Prepare to delve into darkness, friends.


Theologian is all-consuming, all-knowing.  Crucial Blast has sent us some absolutely stellar work in the past few years, but this one might be the current crown to wear.  Some Things Have To Be Endured is a huge collaboration, basically, with Theologian at the center of a horde of alchemist women soundsmiths who contribute to each track.  Hecate, Sewer Goddess, Delphic Oracle, and Void Vision, just to name a few (full list is available in the Bandcamp link above).  For such a combination of artists, you’d expect something more akin to a compilation, but Theologian and his work with these fine ladies proves how skilled they are all in separation, let alone combination.  With a mixture of death industrial, darkwave, and all things of the horrid, there is much to be found here of great worth.


Most impressive is the variety yet consistency of this album.  As we mentioned above, with a group of lesser musicians, this would have ended up being a mess, but Some Things Have To Be Endured is working on a misnomer of a title.  No patience is required here, no toleration of unwanted sound.  Rather, you completely yield to the vinyl, you spin with the vinyl, you engage with the visuals and find yourself entrapped.  Every track in this LP is stellar, there’s not a single moment of weakness, nor overpowering strength, it’s a coherent vision in totality.  You get harshness, oppressive noise, and even light, beautiful vocals over ambient states of being, with no particular track shining over the others, it’s a freaking Gestalt organism practically.  As we said, Crucial Blast is one of the finest underground labels around, and this is probably the greatest thing he’s ever released so far.  From here it will only get better, if you can believe it.  For the amount of work this album must have taken and the end result, it most certainly required a reissue.  It’s limited to 500, unfortunately, but it’s highly recommended you nab one because stuff like this rarely comes to plastic.  Perfect is barely the word we need to describe it.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Theologian – Some Things Have To Be Endured
Crucial Blast
5 / 5