Cendra – 666 Bastards

This was going to go to a new reviewer, but her response was “2 topical”, but it just so happens this guy right here (editor) doesn’t mind that at all, at least not this week.  No, forget that, our opinions are pure, never based on emotional whims, never based on fanaticism for bands that don’t deserve it, they are spawned from only the most virginal of wells of truth.  So this one was not assault on those standards, specifically because Cendra is completely conscious about what they are, almost to the level of arrogance or boasting, and for this kind of punk it’s kind of required.  Coming from Catalonia, these three guys leave no mystery to their approach, it’s all right there.  Their online presence is surrounded with pictures of them decked out in kutte with spiked studs, handkerchiefs over their faces like terrorists, beer, things being smashed, and various pictures of women enjoying sexual devilry and necrophilia.  They even have the boldness to openly call their brand of music ‘evil punk’.  As they should, for this is some of the most honestly blasphemous punk we’ve heard, and nothing beats some good old d-beat.


God, gotta love that unidentified sample at the start, really sets the mood for 666 Bastards.  Moaning agony, demons in heat, someone possibly drinking alcohol and having sex with a sacrificial victim that’s potentially an animal of some kind, all of that in that little bit, and then it begins.  Cendra take that classic punk approach and refine it, or rather degrade it.  D-beat?  Not really, it only serves as a click-bait tag for the review.  Blackened?  It’s really not so much blackening as it is degrading.  There’s a slight muffle to the sound, a grind that sounds like it’s from the early 1980s, but this is contrasted with the vocals, which give it a modern touch of ripping, throat affliction, possibly severe pneumonia, or better yet advanced TB with blood coming out in lung chunks.


So 666 Bastards, in its overwhelming self-awareness, has serious leverage in its approach.  Cendra are proud of their Satanic punkery, and it shows completely through the album, with the additional benefit of excellently unprocessed solos, awesome drive, and enough riff variety that none of the twelve tracks ever sound similar enough that they’re confused.  The only real complaint is that the writing is generally expected, you can almost feel the chord changes as they come.  However, at the same time, this one survives tons of listens.  It’s great in the background, it’s great loud and proud, it’s great in practically any listening context, which is a rarity with punk quite often.  How’s that for contradictory imagery?  Thankfully, you won’t find that in 666 Bastards, only when it comes to us and our pathetic attempts to entertain you through words you’ll probably never read.  If that’s the case, at least today, do yourself a favor and spin these guys on repeat for a few days, they have more candor and energy than other bands who don’t even deserve the attention.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Cendra – 666 Bastards
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4 / 5