Isolator – Culture & Principal of Anti​-​Human Exaltation

Loneliness, crushing loneliness.  If you’re not feeling that right now, stop right here, go no further.  For this is the kind of thing you can experience in only one context; in the middle of wretched solitude.  No feeling, numb, cold, and in complete darkness.  Without these elements you’ll completely misunderstand everything about this album.  There is no pleasure here, none, only the most dreadful, inner torment.  Isolator is one of several projects of Justin Stubbs (Vomitchapel, Encoffination, et. al.) and the mysterious ‘The Nothing‘ who has the potential to completely drain you of life.  So, technically, Isolator is a collaboration, but it comes with a huge background, a variety of depressing experiences all coming together into one writhing mass of blackness.  Culture & Principal of Anti​-​Human Exaltation is their first completed work thus far, released under one of our most favorite of curators of all things desolate, Black Plagve Productions.  Been awhile since we felt in the mood to turn ourselves into a lifeless husk, but it’s been cold, and rather dreary, so let us delve into our inner void.


Before you begin, make sure you’re in total darkness, find a cave, if you can, or at least block out all incidental sound around you so you can concentrate.  Culture & Principal of Anti​-​Human Exaltation leaves no room for a lapse in attention, it requires focus, otherwise it will fade into the background like an ancestor who died centuries ago.  Depressing, yes, but this isn’t the kind of thing that can simply function on the level of background noise, it requires your full attention.  Isolator work on a minimal number of sounds, but yet create especially vast dimensions through it.  However, let’s say it again, you won’t get any of that if you have anything else going on around you, no surfing of the internets, no videos, no speaking to human or animal, even the slightest, most miniscule of distractions will break the flow of despair.


So once you’ve given yourself the proper environment, Culture & Principal of Anti​-​Human Exaltation can and will completely creep under your flesh.  The sounds are so distant, vague, and threatening it creates a complete loss of musical substance, replacing it with pure atmosphere.  This is all about atmosphere, and the mind has only one remedy for the lack of clear meaning, it assumes shape from the chaos.  Slowly, after you’ve well into the second track, “Mankind Shall Reap The Mistakes God Hath Sown”, you’re drawn into a variety of dark images of your own, if the titles themselves don’t weave the tapestry for you.  This album is so absolutely bleak it could ruin the life of anyone and likely curse their family for generations.  Depth through simplicity leading to moaning, droning electronics, and even slight percussion, just enough to suggest you’re still alive, ah yes, these are the things of true nonexistence.  Seriously, be careful with this one, listen to it only in the context that you can give it your full attention, make sure nothing else takes away from the experience, and see how easy it is for you to pull yourself out from the spiritual vacuum we all eventually enter regardless of choice.  This is a glance right into the middle of it, and getting your hands to come off of your own throat may prove difficult after.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Isolator – Culture & Principal of Anti​-​Human Exaltation
Black Plagve Productions
5 / 5