KSKNP – Death Instruktions

There are several superficially clever phrases that come to mind when trying to properly pronounce Kerrstillingskozletskynyströmpetrus, all of which fail miserably if that idiosyncratic wording passed your attention ungathered.  This particular manifestation of death industrial is actually the latest work of Peter NyströmStephen Petrus, Robert Kozletsky, Larry Kerr ,and John Stillings.  All rather seasoned death-sound mechanisc who’ve done work with groups such as the now-defunct Megaptera as well as several one-shot collabs (you can peruse through those yourself by clicking the links we provided).  So, knowing a bit about them, we knew what to expect with this particular album, which like many releases we’ve encountered from Malignant Records, reeks of dark technology.  You prepare yourself for the experienced based on the simplicity in its approach, outlined for you visually in black/white as you crawl into the chasm on the front cover, reaching through melted wiring and rusted metal to discover these Death Instruktions.


As soon as the sewer grate slams down on the entrance to the aforementioned chasm, you’re in, no turning back, but focus…focus…focus…  Opening with “Scorched Skeletal Remains”, Kerrstillingskozletskynyströmpetrus conjures the perfect soundtrack for sewer worship and the burning of charcoal.  Within the technological wastes you’ll find pulsating surges for beats, echoing, frazzled groans, and a continuous sense of impending terror.  This is further carried into “To Desecrate Angelic Flesh” (one of the better song titles we’ve heard), a swirl of near white noise twirling with the sound of cries of agony.  Kerrstillingskozletskynyströmpetrus uses a ton of different sounds, too many to mention, so that each listen, should you be concentrating, is filled with new experiences.  Concentration is key to this album.


There are thus but two complaints to be made about Death Instruktions.  First, it requires attention, like your full attention.  It’s not something to have simply playing in the background, covering over the worthless waste of your life’s work, something to lull yourself asleep, no, it’s something that requires the listener to function purely as a listener.  Without this, it will sound like nothing more than a running faucet or rainwater pouring down a spout.  That is, incidental nothingness, it will cease to have any form.  Second, along with this, the other issue is Death Instruktions has a habit of blending.  The first two tracks begin to melt into the rest, but only if you’re not fixated on it.  So it’s something of a paradox, it implodes in on itself without the listener’s input.  It would have been more fruitful, perhaps, to have a thematic control placed over it all to keep the average listener’s focus.  This isn’t to say Kerrstillingskozletskynyströmpetrus’ work isn’t captivating, it is, but it won’t likely be captivating without personal effort for some listeners.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Kerrstillingskozletskynyströmpetrus – Death Instruktions
Malignant Records
4.3 / 5