Twist Ending – Demo 2014

Alright, enough of this popularity game.  We shouldn’t even need to discuss a band’s level of fame in the first place, nor defend our reasons for reviewing something of “the above”.  So we are below, so we shall stay, most of the time.  What better way than music that incorporates practically everything one could desire out of the obscure?  Can it be possible to use B-movies to make, let us say, B-music?  Yes, and here it is.  Twist Ending might be an awful, just awful band name, but everything else about them most certainly is not.  First off, understand the history here, because there’s a freaking lot of it.  This trio comes from years of underground experience and puking blood into audiences pretty much everywhere.  Steveo (no, the real one, the vocalist from Impetigo when they were arguably their best), Greg Metzger (of Lincoln Love Log), and the awesome Vanessa Nocera, who’s dished out some of the sickest bass you’ve ever heard (click that link to check out all she’s done).  Sometimes diverse backgrounds are a detriment when twirled together, but no, not here, most certainly not here.


Can we please talk about the musical theme, like seriously?  Twist Ending has a focus on Italian Giallo horror, which was something just ripe for the proper plucking, but has been squished and trampled into the ground by many an inexperienced crap pile of a band.  But finally, yes, someone has done the right thing with it.  Let’s explain the general idea so you can understand.  Giallo refers to a type of cheap, street literature in Italy, something of an extension of French Decadence, typically with a focus on crime drama, often lower-style writing and flashy, yellow art or covers.  This eventually bled into Italian cinema, in particular B-horror such as the notorious, and very awesome Torso, which you can only watch uncut if you please.  The reason we mention this is such films have this atmosphere to them, this cheap, shoddiness covered in fake blood, grainy filming, uncomfortable sensuality, and gore.  And the reason we mention that is, if such an idea is the thematic choice of any band, you better make it sound like all of that looks, get it?


And this here does just that.  It’s really spectacular Twist Ending has managed to capture the experience of watching an old Giallo like A Bay of Blood, turning that grainy, disgusting plot flow into something of musical flesh by mixing it with punk, sludge, and death metal.  There’s only four songs in total, but let’s say there’s a reason No Visible Scars put it to tape for a second time, with the original title being Musica di Morte (as per their Bandcamp page).  It’s filled with odd layering of film samples, vocals that sound like a swarm of insects chewing on someone’s flesh, grimy chording that will take you a good week to wash off with industrial soap, and a production quality above garage but too disgusting for pretty much everyone.  For the theme, that’s what it has to be, this is for the elite aesthete, for those who appreciate the finer qualities of things of the shady variety, and these four tracks are going to keep you hoping this project goes even further.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Twist Ending – Demo 2014
No Visible Scars
4.7 / 5