Necro Deathmort – EP2

We’re bandnamecist around here, completely coolnamesupremacist.  Cool name power.  Please understand, we were raised this way, or rather, we raised ourselves in such a way that we expect the best, not the better-than-most, the best.  And that’s what our readers expect.  Necro Deathmort is a name we’ve actually heard before, but honestly we ignored it because it sounds completely ridiculous, since it’s something of a portmanteau that combines almost every possible root in English for ‘death’ in a way that sounds like Malaysian pornogrind with samples awkwardly sniped from Redtube using a tape recorder.  So yes, we admit it, because we’re ready to change, we did it, we avoided these masters of arcane darkness because their name sounded like something we’d expect on CDr that cracked on delivery because it was mailed in an envelope.  So please accept our apologies, forgive us, we were born this way.  We are ready for the future, we are ready to consume all that is Necro Deathmort and support them until we die, with every album in our coffin as this album right hear plays in place of a eulogy.


Necro Deathmort is a two-man project consisting of AJ Cookson, and the rather seasoned Matthew Rozeik, who’s had his hand in everything including some visual work for Ipecac Recordings.  What equals success these days?  One thing, primarily, diversity.  These two already had that going on separately, and together, my God…my God…  If you haven’t heard their 2013 release EP1, check it out right here before we continue. But, be warned, don’t let it dictate your expectations for EP2 because these guys are literally impossible to predict from one album to the next, as well as one song to the next, and they’re one of the few bands capable of doing it.  EP1 has a much greater focus on glitch, electronic, and degraded drum patterns, but this new on here, is much, much different.


EP2 starts unexpectedly, sluggishly so.  If you sample some of Necro Deathmort’s previous work, that electronic arcana is definitely here, but it’s not of the cliché variety.  It’s not the kind that conjures images of Satanic rituals where you’re hoping to partake in some hot black mass fornication, only to find everyone’s obese and hasn’t bathed in weeks because they’re too busy LARPing out some Vampire the Masquerade.  This is arcana esoterica with macabre electronics interlaced with desolate chords that are the stuff of myth.  No, not myth as in fake, untrue, myth as in world-building, this stuff creates worlds from nothingness and then it implodes it all over again.  EP2 is a cryptic mix of styles, but so smooth and logical you’ll understand very quickly why these two are such masters of their craft of music.  It’s actually part of an intended trilogy, with the third and final LP to be released in this year.  Grim, disgusting, like a succubus and incubus engaging you in a threesome, it’s all over your body, all inside of your being, and bizarre.  Excellent work, apologies again that we totally ragged on them for that band name.  Now, seeing those words, it’s the place of an entire pantheon to convert us to a new form of monotheism where only Necro Deathmort command the universe.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Necro Deathmort – EP2
Distraction Records
4.8 / 5