Corpus Christii – PaleMoon

If there’s one country that’s supremely diffuse in terms of its representation of various types of black metal, it’s Portugal, which is surprising considering its relatively small size in comparison to most of Europe.  But in spite of its smaller landmass, hugging the ocean, or Spain, whichever direction it chooses to embrace, it’s filled with some of the most diverse bands on the planet, just without any connection to each other foundationally.  By that we mean that you really won’t find any sort of common thread linking them.  No sort of folk tradition, no sound that you’d mark off as ‘Portuguese’ as soon as any album begins, none of that.  What you have is a sampling of practically every type of black metal you could imagine.  You’ve got your Anti-Nazi black metal, your classic black metal, your only-on-tape black metal, your had-this-keyboard-since-I-was-a-kid black metal, and on and on.  In fact, we did you a favor, just click on this right here and you’ll be greeted with a sampling of Portuguese black metal before we continue on with this one here.


Corpus Christii, like any black metal band worth anyone’s time, has a background stretching back almost two decades now, with the expected demo, splits, comps, and full-lengths to prove their worth and their V spelling status for you to cuddle up next to like mommy.  You can dig all the way down to their roots and find it as fresh as the leaves just sprouting.  No dry rot, no worm rot, no disease, it’s strong, deep, and capable of driving into stone and still holding the trunk.  Good black metal needs a few things, so let’s start there before delving deep into PaleMoon.  First thing, chilling riff, solo, and tremolo action.  Second, pounding, relentless drum action, with some nice ride action.  Third, vocal variety action.  Do we have that here?


Very much so, yes.  Corpus Christii will easily thrill even the most experienced of black metal fan with their unique take on classicism.  Neo-Classical black metal, perhaps, would be a good consideration of terminology here, a revisitation of the basics with a new kind of edge.  One thing that’s highly commendable here is their ability to draw in the listener with some sickening riffs better black metal bands would actually kill someone to have them written.  Behemoth?  Ha, mere mortals in comparison to Corpus Christii.  More like Blahemoth.  Dark Funeral?  More like White Wedding, without Billy Idol.  Darkthrone?  More like Dorkthrone.  It’s really a shame supposed metal heads know so little about actual metal, and further actual black metal.  Here is where you need to start.  PaleMoon is pure worship of the old but written by the new.  Blisters will cover your fingers from pressing repeat so many times, your ear canals filled with blood from the pounding of the drums, your heart valves torn open at the agony coming out of the vocalist’s throat.  How many times can we say around here “one of the best black metal albums we’ve heard in awhile?”  As many as it takes for people to listen to bands like this.  Just sick.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Corpus Christii: PaleMoon
Folter Records
5 / 5