Chaos Echoes – Transient

Now it’s time to take things to the level where few can reach.  The hands of most are weak, their joints feeble, they lack the inner strength to pull themselves up from the middle of the giant web of metal into realms of pure chaos.  Upon these upper, silken strands things are much different, all sense of reason is useless to you, and so many simply collapse and allow themselves to fall back down into the middle with the other lesser carnivora to be wrapped in the cocoon of the typical frothing at the mouth of the great metal arachnid, to be like the rest bitten, and slowly sucked into nothing but a shriveled rind that even the most skilled of morticians would fear having to reconstruct for a viewing.  Yes, the great spider of metal has consumed many, and always in the same way, it can do nothing more, for it is merely a creature, it possesses not reason.  So pull yourself from that silky womb and climb, climb to the top of the web to stare down at all of the prey below.  Huh?  Let us explain with vermin tongue, you sniveling worms.


Chaos Echoes reigns supreme in both the chaos and the echoes.  Forming from the torrid remains of the band Bloody Sign, whose last album was the title that became this new conception’s name, Chaos Echoes are at the head of French ravaged sense and abject poverty of sensibility.  Like their disgust at human existence following WWI, it all comes out again, all of those years of pain.  Quoting famous jazz musician Wayne Shorter on their Bandcamp page, they make it quite clear that you’re in this for the mental destruction it provides.  “To hell with the rules, I am going for the unknown.”  If that doesn’t summarize what to expect, then Transient will finish it off, and you’ll either release yourself from the tangled webbing of modern metal, or you’ll leap back into the arms of the eight-legged behemoth dictating policy, enjoying its fangs more than a morphine addict and their needles.  If the latter is you, stop reading, if the former, please continue.


Transient will completely ruin any sense of “the metal” you had prior.  In fact, it’s largely exists on its own, so any preconceived expectation of black metal, death metal, or whatever tag you would desperately like placed upon it will never work.  It must simply be understood as a thing onto itself.  Each track is largely a separate idea connected to the entirety, but regardless prepare for a stripping of definitions, tearing out every page of the dictionary of metal, and ignoring any further defining, for it is fruitless.  Chaos Echoes has created an aesthetically complex work with bizarre sounds that sweep and cover the guitars, turning them into funeral bells here, the buzzing of flies on a rotting body there, next a death rattle, then a wailing widow.  It’s really amazing the amount of variety they pull out of their deliberate, plodding style that can immediately enter the realm of continuous speed, and then the next moment become a sparse wasteland of droning, otherworldly sounds intermingled with chanting.  Some of the textures you’ll hear are confusing ,which is exactly what Chaos Echoes desires.  Transient is not simply something to be listened to, it’s something to be experienced, and if that is what you seek you’ll likely splurge for the rare, clear vinyl press they currently have for sale.  Climb out of the web we mentioned prior and you’ll find their hands are the one’s spinning the strands into patterns that trap those feeding the spider below.  It is merely the scavenger at the bottom.  Transient will likely be too esoteric for most, but should you doubt the amount of effort put into this creation, click this link here and check the track credits and then try to push your boundaries for once.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Chaos Echoes: Transient
Nuclear War Now! Productions
4.8 / 5