Blaze of Perdition – Near Death Revelations

It’s always tragic when a band has to experience death, not simply screaming about it or symbolizing it via music.  When real death hits anyone, how to cope?  Finding life in those ashes can be difficult for most, nearly impossible for others, if possible at all.  For music it can be a total tragedy.  Certain images are tied heavily into certain members, and when one of those images die, sometimes people think it best to let the music die with them, ahem, Wings (and we don’t like The Beatles or anyone who was a part of it).  Trim those angelic references, let it go, it’s over, some would say.  At other times an attempt must be made to survive, if not for the band, for the one who passed.  Wings, we can do without that kind of crap, but black metal, so rife is it with themes of death and savagery, it would seem a complete travesty to not immortalize literal death as part of a band’s development, in addition to saying a final goodbye.  And perhaps for this type of music it may be one of the best ways to understand our own mortality, or at least a way to cope and to know what is waiting for us all, providing any example of this comes out truly spectacular.


Blaze of Perdition have been doing this black metal thing for awhile, too, with several splits, EPs, and three full-lengths including this one, Near Death Revelations.  Earlier work carries much of the same thematic presence and sound as their latest, which can be summarized best as esoteric black metal, featuring more fully-developed phrasing and artwork that pays homage to a variety of old symbols and occult knowledge.  In fact, checking out their true debut, Towards the Blaze of Perdition, is probably a good idea before delving into this, their newest, and which may be considered their return from the grave of a good friend.


Now that you’ve likely listened to the earlier work linked above, what to expect from Near Death Revelations?  Well, sadly, in spite of their loss and in spite of what appears to be a method for coping with actual death, Blaze of Perdition are off their game, in fact they feel off “the game” in general.  Known for their complex passages that remind one of the Swedish scene, this time around, in spite of the excellent production, in spite of the excellent atmosphere (and we mean that), Blaze of Perdition doesn’t really accomplish anything.  At times it’s higher level of production can take their splendidly filthy sound and sterilize it, cleaning their wounds until even the scarring is nearly invisible.  In addition, strangely, the riffing itself will confuse anyone not used to modern black metal, making for an interesting contradiction.  We’ve listened through it at least five times before writing this to be completely fair, but it’s clear, Near Death Revelations is far too uncertain of itself.  Certain, brief moments stand out, while the rest simply fades, like we all do, and is easily forgotten.  In fact, in our opinion, there is never a significant extension of time in this entire album that’s memorable, which is a real shame.  Blaze of Perdition have come a long way, and we wish them the best in the future after facing tragedy, but they’re still something like victims, healing and surviving, but not yet ready to prove they’re here to scream their worth until their own end arrives.

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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Blaze of Perdition: Near Death Revelations
Agonia Records
3.2 / 5