Deathrite – Revelation of Chaos

The start of the week, the start of work, or the start of not doing work, or not getting up, or hating everything until Thursday when it all seems bright again. Until then, work, work, and work.  But if you’re at work, what are you doing on this site?  That’s easy to explain because you, like many these days, are sick of the lies and the masks we wear as we pretend it all has meaning, leading our most vulnerable generation into a life of decadence and degradation, into a spiraling end of promiscuity in all things depraved, to only later convert to fervent Evangelicalism in an effort to wipe your filthy souls of years of sin.  These children, your children, spread the tainted breath of suburbia further beyond, poisoning the land until nothing remains but plywood houses filled with years of adultery, surrounded by utility-friendly trees so not a single limb need be moved to clean the yard of leaves. So come home from work and allow the carcasses of nature to build on your lawns, watch with due diligence as this, our society, crumbles around, covered in fast food wrappers and entombed in Blu-Ray collection of television series that should have never, and will never, be watched.  This is our future, it is our Deathrite and segway into their newest serving of deathly corruption, Revelation of Chaos.


If there’s anyone to get us to rise above this filth to orchestrate its theme, it would be Dresden’s Deathrite, who are completely clear with their existence and have been since their inception in 2010. The promo said “death n roll”, but really it’s more like death/grind, with all the required splits, comps, and two full-lengths in the past five years and entirely clear in its direction.  Death, death, death.  Death in their name, death in their genre, death in their music, death to society, or at least the kind we talked about above because really, for a people in a state of decline, we could do a lot better with our choices of depravity.  It’s really quite boring, in general, so why don’t you scare a few of that bunch with some of this?


Revelation of Chaos is your scripture for removal from this path of trite decay.  Deathrite have their sound down, they need very little in terms of experimentation, and, in fact, they could probably ride this particular style for a few more years because it’s so accessible, dirty, and powerful.  The overall presence is something like a flood bursting from an earthen dam, taking out trees, buildings (primarily in suburbia, of course), and life with it as it rolls towards its target city.  By the time it gets there and consumes the human tide, it’s no longer water, but a filthy, liquid beast that rolls like a giant worm filled with flailing limbs of all sorts, consuming the abovementioned wreck of a generation.  It’s sludge-ridden, staining your skin so years of bathing won’t take it away, with a simple, pulsing drum attack and the guitar/bass just laying out some damn riffs with absolutely no variation on approach.  With those guttural, hate-yell, ugly vocals, it doesn’t need it.  Revelation of Chaos is completely content in what it is, a soundtrack to the end of our modern era.  Deathrite know when to slow it down, when to speed it back up, and they do it consistently throughout the entirety.  It’s so entirely vile you’ll find a new way to hate life through its corruption.  It’s only fault is you have nothing new to experience, it’s just done incredibly well, as we’d expect.  So why not start off this week of sin with Revelation of Chaos and work the least amount possible?


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Deathrite: Revelation of Chaos
Prosthetic Records
4.4 / 5