Necrot – Blood Offerings (Another Baby Sacrifice)

I guess since the 1980s set the standard with baby slaying imagery, we need to keep that going so anyone just getting into death metal knows what it is. It doesn’t bother me, no, I just sometimes would prefer deathers come up with new themes, because I pretty much chose this one for the aesthetics of the cover layout, and not what it presents. Trust me, I’ve seen my share of sacrificial babies and skeleton priests, or witch, queen, whatever it is. Maybe a lich? Seen those too. Blood Offerings just happens to feature a well-designed baby sacrifice with skeleton priests, one of which we could perhaps say is actually a skeleton altar boy. At first I thought that was new but I know it isn’t, and I don’t care to find who did it first. This particular piece was done by artist Marald Van Haasteren, for our current band in question, Necrot. They definitely win an award today for catchy portmanteau.


Necrot is a fine representation of the Californian metal scene, you can hear that sound to it if you’re familiar with enough bands in Oakland and such. Blood Offerings, much like its cover, is a classic offering of baby sacrifice metal. If you say to yourself “huh, baby sacrifice” when you look at the art, to the music you will say “huh, death metal.” This album is very “huh.” Not a “what in the world is this trash” kind of “huh” but a “yep, there it is” kind of “huh.” Necrot have got all the “huh” you’re going to need if you want some more of it. The riffs are death metal, the drums are death metal, the vocals are death metal, the shrieking, dissonant solos are death metal. This is, huh, death metal. As one would assume, though, it has nothing to offer beyond “huh” and its baby sacrifice. Enjoy it for what it is, huh?


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Necrot: Blood Offerings
4 / 5