Rotheads – Sewer Fiends (Satanic Rats)

Congratulations to Rotheads, the first Romanian band to be considered for a review on my trash site. In fact, this might be the first Romanian band to get a review on Deaf Sparrow in general, even going back to the older site prior to 2013. It takes a lot to get reviewed on here, I’ve been called “elusive” by some, when actually it’s more “lazy” and “too damn busy all the damn time” than elusive. Maybe I should switch the Dark Web so I seem more legit and I can act like I’m actually elusive then… Hmm… Well, forget that for now, let’s stick to this .com thing. Rotheads are relatively new, in fact they’ve been around a mere 4 years. Actually, in this day of quick music fixes, that’s more like 20 years if we go to the days before the Internet. But, hey, I’m here, they’re here, I’m not making sense, so let’s just get to the damn music. I’m verbally elusive for sure.


What’s there to not like about this cover. Come on… I mean come on, it’s a pentagram made out of rats, crafted by the also elusive César Valladares, otherwise known as CesarCold, who can be found on the den of sin that is Tumblr gives evidence of his existence (click on that link earlier). If you’re too mainstream, though, I guess you can check out his Facebook. So the rats sold me, those Satanic slime things there, and I popped this in the MP3 player. Yes, I am the last to own one, but it still works, and Rotheads deserve to be on it, because they sound about as old. We’re talking mid to late 1990s crude, but I rather like it. I often find that this old type of sound makes for bad reviews, and then I get more site traffic because of the anger of the band in question, but here I can only love. Less site traffic, sure, but I don’t have to answer annoying emails and such then. Sewer Fiends keeps itself fairly standard, but the crumbling sewage pipe tone to the recording, especially the vocals, the atmospheric solos and ornament, plus the length with notable riffs make it fairly defined. Christ, one of the songs is over 10 minutes in length. I mean what? That’s usually unheard of in old school death metal, not to mention these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and their whole sewer theme stuck with me. What’s not to love about songs called “From the Glowing Good Rise” and “The Mad Oracle of Seweropolis?” You know, right there, reading those titles, that Sewer Fiends is going to bring the crud, and it certainly does.


Rotheads Official Facebook

Written by Stanley Stepanic

Rotheads – Sewer Fiends
Memento Mori
4.1 / 5

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