Profane Order – Tightened Noose of Sanctimony (Demo Metal)

I almost started a new feature with this one, covering only demos, but I so rarely get any that I’d even consider reviewing I figured eh, let’s just do this as the usual apocryphal review. Profane Order you’ve probably never heard of, but you likely will in the coming years, depending on what they do. From Montreal, Canada, this quartet can be said to deliver only the most relentless type of blackened death metal. They’ve got all the trappings in their blackened death metal travel bag, too. You have your defamation of the Christ or something art by Amanda Blodøks, the black background, the sanguine logo (same artist), and various lyrics/themes about blasphemy, lust, degradation, and so forth. They’re all ready to go on their trip of blasphemy, coming to bring the blackened death metal to your town, friends (or enemies). For that, it is worth a listen, because we all enjoy that around here.



Tightened Noose of Sanctimony is, in actuality, a collection of two demos, one published in 2017 (same title as this CD), and the other from 2016 (Marked by Malice). These two have been lovingly brought together in one CD by up-and-coming label of disgust Krucyator Productions. As a demo collection from a blackened death metal band, and I’m being extremely general here on purpose, it is exactly what you expect. Profane Order do it all right, but with the expected lack of variation. Because they’re so damn relentless about it, especially the first half, it’s hard not turn crosses upside-down with them. The earlier demo material is less clean and more cavernous, and tends to drag your patience down the further you go. There’s only so much blackened death pummeling one can take, and by the end of the first demo you’re pretty much good to go. This is really the only fault with this particular collection; the second half is simply not as powerful as the first. That’s to be expected, but certainly there is something to love about both halves, you’ll just likely prefer the first. In particular, praise should be given for the absolutely killer vocals, and again, in particular those of the first demo.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Profane Order – Tightened Noose of Sanctimony
Krucyator Productions
4.1 / 5