Inisans – Transition (F It Metal)


I have no idea what in the world Inisans means, and I don’t care. Don’t bother searching, either, because nothing will help you, trust me. I have skills man, don’t bother I did it already. So I don’t care, there’s no reason to care, and Google can F off about asking me whether I meant not to spell “Indian” or something like that because no I clearly spelled Inisans more than once stupid thing. So I don’t care, something like the cover by Raul Gonzalez up there. See that guy walking on the stairs towards the tower/lighthouse thing? He says “F it.” There’s dragons wrecking that shit, what’s it matter? Let’s just go down with the damn thing, that’s what Transition is all about. Just some good, old fashioned, yet modern, death metal clobbering (from Sweden).


Inisans probably don’t care about their name either, and they don’t seem to have given much thought to their themes. I’m also starting to wonder if I’m becoming a yesman for Blood Harvest because I seem to keep reviewing his stuff. Anyway, here you have a song alled “Demon Wings,” one called “Tombstone,” and then you have “Beyond the Gates” and “Jaws.” There’s clearly little thought going into that. It’s so classic it’s minimalist. That’s probably because they figured what’s it matter? F it, let’s just smash some riffs. Inisans are all about the sound. Transition is a swarm of discernible chaos. If they didn’t take a breath between tracks and left no moments of silence, it wouldn’t matter, just like it doesn’t matter if it all falls down on that cover. F it. It’s one endless crush with no care in the world what you think about it, plus it’s got that Swedish edge without going too far in the “let’s see how weird we can sound” direction until you only like it because no one else does. This deserves to be liked and praised for its crumbling effect. There is no reason to like it beyond that, and for that I am occasionally happy so this is either a truly objective review or they got me on a good day. F it.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Inisans – Transition
Blood Harvest Records
4 / 5