Our Place of Worship is Silence – With Inexorable Suffering (Already Out of Space)


You know when the band’s name and album title have taken up nearly your entire post title and take more than a minute to write it’s not going to be good. It just reeks of that sticky, foul kind of pretentiousness that ruins far too many bands. Note to those who dare tread this path, if you’re going to get arrogant, keep playing the game, because as soon as you back down, the Internet wolves are going to pounce and ruin you. Case in point these guys, Our Place of Worship is Silence, whose name is so long you’d swear, as others have rightly pointed out, they must cater to pits of interpretive dancing teenagers who scream “don’t touch me!” when you try to actually pit. Will there be ear gauges and skinny jeans? Thankfully, no, but then there’s that “let’s get Wrest to do our artwork” thing, and they “let’s make sure you know this is harrowing” album title, With Inexorable Suffering. Will there be at least one church bell for mood? Oh yes.


I’ve heard it all concerning this type of music and now this band. Here are some choice snippets: “a refreshingly unique presentation” (I loled here), “a fantastic and impressive balance between brutality and atmosphere,” and “so haunting, cultish, and bleak.” I seriously wonder how much some of these “critics” have actually listened to outside of the entire Nuclear Blast catalog of 2018. Listen, chaotic, atmospheric death metal with some genre dumping is nothing new. To do it right, you have to bring something truly notable. With Inexorable Suffering has all the markings of “it’s so weird listen to what I listen to guys” hipian-talk. The band, in interviews, has been introduced as they “probably don’t like you,” going the Nails route, and it says “Death metal for the elite” right on their Bandcamp page. But, based on a recent Facebook tirade concerning how elite they are that led to their page being removed at least temporarily, they don’t have the guts to be chest-beating with that kind of overconfidence. Listen, this album has some great power to it, and you’ll probably it enjoy it for those moments. The vocals, being totally honest here, are spectacular, mixing a deep, horrid hatred with multi-layered wails and shrieks. But there’s little to take away form it it all comes with an inconsistent and weak public image that tries to troll while it can’t even live near a bridge, let alone under one, for fear of the height. It’s hate for the sake of show. They probably won’t read this, and I don’t care either way, but if they do, stop the tough act and just play your goddamn music.

Our Only Place of Worship is Silence Don’t Need No Official Facebook

Written by Stanley Stepanic

Our Place of Worship is Silence – With Inexorable Suffering
Translation Loss Records
3.7 / 5