Altar of Perversion – Intra Naos (Biblical Black Metal)


Jesus Son of God and the Holy Virgin with the Spirit be praised. See that cool harpy angel by Denis Forkas Kostromitin? I don’t have a lead for that, so just get ready to open those Old and New Testaments, because Italy’s Altar of Perversion are here to write a fooking Bible. You think I’m taking this down the path of anti-Christian, textual desecration? Forget it. I’m being metaphorical here MFs. This is as figurative as it’s ever going to get. Analogies will abound that you’ll have to Google to understand as I tell you about the duo that is Altar of Perversion, one of the few good black metal bands coming out of Italy like a page torn from Revelations. Here comes the knife of Abraham over the chest of Isaac, except I’m going to drive it on in there when I discuss Intra Naos, and the angel isn’t going to stop me.


What a confusing set of themes that completely ruin my analogies, thanks. Well, I’m going with it anyway, already wrote the intro, and I don’t feel like rewriting it, so here comes my Book of Jeremiah fools. Altar of Perversion will renew your faith in inter-textual studies, if only for the sheer, Biblical length to which Intra Naos is taken. They present lots of classic drive with some experimental twists ala 1 Samuel 18:25-27 (look that one up at least). For a two-person job they’ve definitely got the skill, but like 1 Genesis what really separates the light from the dark are the riffs, shining with all the glory that is the pillar of fire in Exodus 13:21, and man, they do this for roughly an incredible 120 minutes. It was hard to notice, too, because the band’s writing is diverse. I don’t think I’ve encountered a BM album this long from anyone, ever. Two complaints, though; the slow, acoustic segments and the bass lines, in general, which are more flaccid than the entire book of Numbers. I mean we’re talking a real 1 Samuel 17 moment here. So you don’t have to search for that one; I mean Goliath taken down by the tiniest of stones cast by the arm of a nubile cuck. But when Altar of Perverstion slams and the guitarist remembers his riffs are the apple to Adam, you’ll forget about it like Leviticus 8.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Altar of Perversion – Intra Naos
The Ajna Offensive
4 / 5