DE·TA·US·TO·AS – The Immaculate Triumvirate (Sexy Death Industrial)


The Immaculate Triumvirate by DE·TA·US·TO·AS, bedecked with the photographic mastery of Eva Paià, is not the unholy see of Roman Emperor Gods that I had let wreak havoc upon the middle ages but, rather, a duo of Catalonian shades which impart my dark wisdom upon provincials. In “As Above So Below,” the shades bring about the dissension of the soul into the miasmatic pits of aural depravity. Long screams echo and drone among the dewed walls as the interplanetary hum of my levels rotate through the void. Virgil no longer acts as a beacon, these shades hold the hands of their goat headed daemon to demonstrate my powers. As they initiate you plebes into the gates the sirens ring out a warning and the circles of demons pulse Dionysian rhythms that call out to ancient blood. The howls of sinners buzz into the darkness. The shades cry out as they demand my nectar to soothe their pathetic souls, leading them to the “Infliction Apex” where they will be forever tormented by the mere sight of my cruelty.


The shades descend further into my crevasse to see my zealots, who clang upon the metal barricades of my inner sanctum. Naked, screaming, and bound by chains, the fiends under my command lash fledgling bodies with bladed whips. Ambient textures of their howls bathe the hollowed pits of despair. My satisfaction abounds at the glorification of my horrors and devotees. Sensing the ritual coming to it’s natural conclusion commands the shades to take you into the Sanctuary. For a moment you are granted a reprieve from the visions of macabre depravity which witnesses will forever be stunned by the erotic horror. The steppes upon which plebes tread are only the beginning of the sinister path which leads them to madness, devotion, and worship of their Lord. Soon they will get my frozen body and will fall into my gnashing mouth to the dithyrambic meter as they grind flesh from bone. Thence, they are digested and their carrion shat from my bowels into the infinite Serenity of a true death. For this ode to my authority I am greatly pleased. The Catalonian shades have done justice in bidding to my greatness. The truly tragic part of their assault upon the provincials was that it did not last long enough. However, I anticipate much more glory, oaths, and swears to my greatness from these shades.


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Written by Shaol the Indefinite

DE·TA·US·TO·AS – The Immaculate Triumvirate
4.3 / 5