I rarely specify where exactly a band is from in the US unless there’s some well-known association with a genre and particular area, city, or whatever. Also I guess that depends on state size, right? Like most people will just say Rhode Island instead of specifying a city, outside of the pretentious wonderland of Providence, because the state is so damn small why is it a state? Texas, you’ve got bigger problems, get it? So do I need to specify these guys, the evasive SIEGE COLUMN, are from New Jersey? In this case I say yes because, one, New Jersey metal is so damn filthy, and two, this band is presenting here what is practically a state anthem. This, friends, is what it feels like to live in New Jersey, to breathe its air, to sit in its traffic. This is New Jersey in musical flesh. By that I mean stinking, putrid, “why do you sit in your car at gas stations” wantonness.


I don’t even need to say much. My intro there, and the cover up there by Matthew Bellosi, who’s basically impossible to find online (yet again there’s that problem), is all you need to know, or the title too, INFERNO DEATHPASSION (CAPS by them). This is a blackened CAPS death metal band, let’s say. Two guys, covered in NJ sewer river filth, likely living among the rotting hulls of ships left lying there, stuck in traffic, SIEGE COLUMN are the type of band that gets on stage, hollowly moans the song title, and then proceeds to tear through your ear with total grime. Just imagine that NJ traffic going right into your brain and that’s the sound of this. The riffs fall off like wet, rotting skin, the vocals are bubbling moans and shrieks, this is just, GREAT (my CAPS). There’s no bloated aesthetics, it’s just methodical, crushing, blackened filth from one of the filthiest places on earth where you travel two minutes in two days. This vein of death metal is very hard to fail at, but SIEGE COLUMN is particularly artful at the style. Smash, destroy, repeat. Rust my soul.


SIEGE COLUMN Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Nuclear War Now! Productions, Nihil Verum Nisi Mors
4.3 / 5