The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Uber Yet Untermensch Anime)


Oh yeah anime time. Why you take so long? Unlike sites of trash, I finish a series before I review, imagine that. How can one judge an anime on one episode or one season, if there are more than one? Like video games, a few minutes is not enough. Please. You may consider, by looking at the header above, this seems much unlike the usual Deaf Sparrow lamenting of human existence when, in fact, it fits right in there trust me. Knowing your anime, you likely expect this one was manga first, which it was, but we’ll avoid that, and we’ll also avoid discussing the constant error of making a live-action film out of any anime to focus on just the anime, known typically as The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. The clip below, with subs, will give a great sense of watching it like the true autocrat that you are. Get ready to amaze your friends with stuff they’ll never watch and have never heard of.



Now, there are legal sites out there, but to be truly autorcrat you need to be a master of navigating servers because who wants dub pfffffff. What we want is hardcore Japanese we never studied with sexual ads we dare not click on (because they actually lead to top-10 cryptid lists). It’s fruitless to go over the entire character list in this one, so let’s restrict the flow for your “give it to me now and fast” brain. That’s actually a good thing to mention, but I’ll get to that. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K revolves around your primary character, Kusuo Saiki, a high school student with extraordinary psychic powers. So extraordinary he wears antenna-like devices that attach to his skull in order to make sure he doesn’t destroy the entire planet oh my god how? Unlike your usual super-powered anime beast, Saiki K strives to be as normal as possible, and his struggle to hide is the primary action. Even the simplest thing is chaos because he is total ubermensch, but yet desires to appear as unter. With the huge cast it’s easy to understand why he gets into so much trouble, and seeing his methods for getting around everyday problems reminds you that not getting your coffee done right isn’t really that important, and if you drink coffee anyway get off of this site, because we drink tea. But, to go back to the comment above about “I need to consume now and fast,” the other thing to note is that this comes at you at lightning speed, because this is, most importantly, a flash comedy series.


As such, the action is delivered in very short bursts of about 3:30 minutes per episode, not including credits. All the sites I’ve seen have it in episode collections with 4-5 episodes each, but regardless this is flash comedy defined. The cultural references (most of which are explained) and quick, which requires a period of adjustment before it starts to sink in, but it’s well worth it. The character cast is superbly written, with a dense plot hiding under its bright surface. This becomes especially critical later for the attraction a few girls have to Saiki K, notably Kokomi Teruhashi, who everyone loves but Saiki ignores. Breaking him becomes essentially her sole reason to live as her “super powers” such as “Angel Breath,” which makes all men around ask her if she needs assistance, constantly fail. The layers upon layers built into the story are impressive when you consider the space and speed, but by the end of Season 2 it thankfully ends at that spot that any good anime does, between desire and satisfaction. Thankfully, the third and final season has already been announced. If you thought I’d be going into extreme detail, forget it, there’s too much to comment on. The world of Saiki K is merely something that must be experienced. Its cultural references, introspective style, smooth animation, and satire are a nearly instant draw, and Saiki K’s life as an outsider who is yet inside is something that can resonate with almost anyone, but especially you, you goddamned autocrat.



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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
JC Staff, Egg Firm
4.3 / 5