Maligner – Attraction to Annihilation (Everything Should Be Burned)


Lol this is such a goddamn fitting album to review today, it really is. If you’re not aware, this site is so apolitical you’ll swear off any potential party affiliation or political worldview immediately. Keep that crap out of here, unless it’s to start flame wars in the comments so the site gets more hits. That’s okay, but we’ll never agree with you. We gave up so long ago, and now we merely await the coming flames that will consume everything. Flame wars are the mere spark of the fires that will reach beyond the highest structure humankind has ever built. So, here is Sweden’s Maligner to welcome you into your newfound apoliticality with this beautifully crude cover of skeletons on fire done by their own bassist/vocalist. Come burn with me, and before you put that worthless ballot in the box, just burn it. Because Attraction to Annihilation provides the right amount of apolitical lust for fire during a reign of fear when everything is beyond repair. Think that’s a political reference? Syke it’s merely song titles from this very album.


Don’t think I’ve been obsessed with Sweden recently, if the like kabillion Swedmetal reviews I’ve done recently are making you consider it. It’s just coincidence. I pick through the tossed, useless ballots to find the good below, which isn’t a vote I can tell you that much. It isn’t even a ballot because listen again, this site is never about politics and is never going to be about politics unless we’re making fun of humanity in general.  We only discuss three things, films, anime, music, and video games that darken the soul. That’s actually four things, so don’t vote for me. Regardless, today we’ve got music to consider, specifically thrash mattafakkas. Not that annoying retro kind that forces the two-choice dichotomy lesser-of-two-evils ouroboros, but that death kind that’s independent and leads to better memes. Maligner are passing the right bills at the right time, with all the votes. This isn’t a majority, people, it’s a complete holding of the house and the senate. Well, without the political stuff. Maligner know exactly when to tear, when to solo, when to shriek, and when to incorporate samples of people burning alive. If it were law it would benefit everyone and everyone would stop voting. Just listen and stuff your goddamn ballots into your own mouth while they burn.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Maligner – Attraction to Annihilation
Blood Harvest Records, Helter Skelter Productions
4.1 / 5