Usurpress – Ordained (Cassette)

Usurpress - Ordained (Cassette)

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Usurpress - Ordained (Cassette)
Usurpress - Ordained (Cassette)

Usurpress - Ordained (Cassette)

Model Number: DS002
Usurpress's newest album, Ordained, was released in 2014 in both CD and vinyl. This new cassette version is unique to Deaf Sparrow, featuring a bonus track not included in the original release. LIMITED cassette press with a special shirt that matches the design of the album. Once they're gone, they're gone, we do NOT do reissues.
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Categories: Cassette
Manufacturer: Deaf Sparrow
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This special, limited cassette release of "Ordained" by Usurpress was released on 1 June 2016. It features the vinyl WAVs of the original album and includes a special bonus track from the recording session not included in any other version. Full streaming here:

Each package comes with one music-grade, ferric cassette, professionally packaged. The shirt design is shown here in this listing, but this is NOT for the T-Shirt, that is a separate product. The cassette has similar art, but a much different layout than shown here.
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