Alkerdeel – Slonk (Sludge Upon Your Sensibilities Since 2005)


Lol these guys. I get an Alkerdeel submission and that’s pretty much what I say to myself, in all sense of veneration, of course. I mean seriously was totally excited to listen this, for more reasons than are necessary to explain. Not only have I been listening to them for nearly as long as they’ve been around, which is over 15 years now, but they’ve never failed to deliver something that assaults my expectations again, and again, and again almost ad naseum but somehow they never get annoying. It’s rather amazing, but let me explain with their latest, Slonk.


One thing that’s always amazed me about these guys is their versatility. They’ve remained Alkerdeel over almost two decades, but yet they always bring something new to their approach while still retaining a strong sense of self. Slonk is, at times, sensitive, at others aggressive as all sludgey hell. It opens immediately charred riffs and one commanding shout announcing what is probably by now the, what, sixth coming of these guys? With every release they bring some new apocalyptical dissonance in sound, burn themselves to the ground, to only be later reborn, scarred from burns. Native to their core with some Flemish style that can’t be easy explained, seething with the fluids of bogs, wet grass, and shit, Alkerdeel defies definition and revels in it. Probably forever if they keep releasing stuff like this. 100% fresh and nasty since 2005 (or thereabouts).


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Alkerdeel – Slonk
Babylon Doom Cult Records

Cover Art: Luchtrat
5 / 5