Persekutor Interview

The rabbit hole that led to the printing of this interview was deep and weird. Discovering Persekutor in a docket of pending reviews, we were intrigued enough to start a snowball of Google-fu that melted under the looking glass, and brought us no closer to understanding the brilliant mystery that is Persekutor, but the journey is often more fun than the destination, and if the destination here is Persekutor’s latest 7″, then then it’s been a long, strange, brutal, and seriously listenable trip. As far as we can tell, Persekutor are a duo of Romanian badasses and a drum machine named Doktor Impossible who make impressively satirical black metal records when they’re not battling the elements, living somewhat traditional lives in rural Romania. Vlad the Inhaler handles guitars and vocals, and Iron Slasher may well be the worlds finest black metal “lead bassist”.

Despite their first album being currently unavailable due to a legal dispute with their first label, and, apparently, all but one physical copy (rumoured to be in the possession of Fenriz) remaining in the world, Persekutor have carved a fine little niche for themselves in the realm of modern black metal, and currently sit alongside Charles Manson as labelmates on Magic Bullet records. Their most recent release was on repeat here at the Deaf Sparrow offices for nearly two days straight, the disc only being two tracks long notwithstanding, and their blog is so entertaining that, even though it’s updated in geologic orders of time, it’s worth reading every single post at least twice.

We caught up with Vlad the Inhaler recently and got him to answer a few questions about the new release, the future of Persekutor, and Romanian public service. Enjoy!



The origins of the band are shrouded in mystery. Can you explain how a trio of humble Romanian goat herders became the near mythic black metal titans they are today?

It is not happening fast, this being for sure. Is difficult finding time off from goat and studio for recordination. This is why so long since last release. To finally have first official US and A release is dreamings come true. Posers will choke on cock of Romania black metal!

Stylistically, “Power Frost” is a departure from 2005’s “Angels of Meth”, with the recent release displaying an almost Venom-esque sonic bent. Was this a conscious decision, a logical result of the loss of Kutná Whora or the technical limitations of Doktor Impossible; none/all of the above?

Losing of Kutná Whora was gigantic blow. Yes. But in the ending, this is what is making freedom for PERSEKUTOR to harness power of the frost. VENOM is kings of black metal so many thankings for comparison, we are humbled by this.

Were the test results of the unnamed, briefly considered replacement drummer ever confirmed to positively identify him as the grandson of panflute master Zamfir? If not, exactly how much shame have his lies brought upon his family and friends in the eyes of the local community?

This coward vanishing into skinny air before test results are known! In this escapings, he is saving family much shame. But still small children are sometimes leaving bag of flaming dog shits on doorstep. This because Zamfir is like Ennio Morricone of Romania, very famous for Karate Kid soundtrack. Other pan flute players are hating him, but still no one is fucking with him. Yes.

2Would you care to elaborate on your feud with Negură Bunget? The rivalry seems bitter. In some areas of the United States, horse theft is still punishable by death, so I’m assuming they haven’t stolen any of your goats. It seems like something fierce must have provoked a hatred of this level of intensity. 

This feuding is created by Internet, so is not a real feuding. US and A journalist telling us Negură Bunget handing away Romania soil with record. We are not knowing if this is true and we have no beefings with music of Negură Bunget but are thinking that givings away of Romania soil with record is like giving away of mother’s breastsmilk. You never do this, and no one is wanting it anyway.

There has been something of a “return to nature” theme common among several American black metal bands in the last decade or so. As traditional rural goat herders, dependent on the land to survive, what advice can you give the Cascadian black metal scene, should more of their ranks migrate “off the grid”, in regards to goat herding and idyllic, qausi-medieval hardship?

We are not knowing much about Cascadia black metal scene, but this sounding like romance lifestyle by rich people. If they are herding goat for real, they are not thinking is so romantic. This is like US and A expression “slumming for it.”

3Power Frost was initially slated to contain four songs, “Always The Witchings,” “Winter’s Meat” and “Abominations,” in addition to the title track. I’m assuming “Always The Witchings” became “The Twitching Hour,” but what became of the other two songs?

We are hoping to delivering these songs as next 7 inch! Possible to release with other songs for EP maybe. Everything depending on goat, as usuals. But we have plan. Yes. Will not having to wait years for next release. 2014 is year of PERSEKUTOR.

What’s next for Persekutor? Power Frost was almost a decade in the making, are there plans for a new full length? Will this recent activity see the band touring in any fashion? Perhaps the visibility of the current 7″ could be parlayed into some live dates in Europe, if not abroad? Goat tending duties aside, of course. 

All of these is possible and depending on goat. As saying before, next release being 7-inch again or possible 4 songs EP 12 inch. Maybe full album after this. Europe and America of the North is ripe for conquest as usuals but correct tour is necessary. Maybe Immortal is calling us? Yes. This is perfect arrangement.  Tell Abbath PERSEKUTOR is ready!

Finally, just how much of a public nuisance is power frost in Eastern Europe? With symptoms ranging from the requirement of amputation, to death, Persekutor appear to be the first band to address this little understood and potentially lethal natural phenomena. Have you considered bringing the song to the attention of the Romanian government and possibly licensing the track for a public awareness campaign?

People is dying of power frost every week in winter’s time. US and A is calling this “frostbite severe” or “freezings to death”. But Romania government is like government everywhere, only concernings about gypsy, prostitute and stray dog. PERSEKUTOR is giving them finger, the middle one.


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Interview Conducted by Mort Subite