Wild Throne: Blood Maker

Yeah, sometimes bands can blow you the feck away.  Like totally.  Like you look behind you and where you expect to at least see limbs there’s barely a spray of blood and miniscule chunks.  If there are chunks they’re practically the same splatter as the rest of it.  Blood Maker comes via way of Brutal Panda Records, a company that’s going to deserve a Hell of a lot more attention if he keeps releasing stuff like this.  EPs can be fun, fun in a deceptive, mask-wearing way.  It’s often the go-to method for a band to spread it’s sound in a limited form, but often without enough material to make a true judgement call as to their ability.  Seriously, who can screw up like three or so songs?  Not so easy to do, and generally it’s best to wait to see what said band does with themselves before taking them seriously.  However, in the case of Wild Throne, it could have been one song, hell it could have been five seconds of any of these songs and it would have been enough.  These guys are awesome, there’s no way they could ever write anything horrible because the universe would expand and then implode in on itself because of the fallacy of existence created by such an event.  Blood Maker has taken the EP to the next level, the level where ‘extended’ has become instead ‘forever’.  Wild Throne have here created the first FP in the history of the human race, probably the history of the universe.



This is one of those releases that’s completely, and legitimately, judged by its surface.  As soon as you look at this thing you know your blood vessels are going to explode out your ears and your heart is going to flutter like a schoolgirl in love for the first time.  The snake, the majestic antlers, the hawk, basically everything primal with a suggestion of witchery that you could put into an image has been placed here, and further the music follows suit readily.  Wild Throne has a sound that’s highly dignified, yet piercingly savage.  They have an incredible control of their instruments, with epic, sweeping expanses of chords, and those vocals.  Those vocals.  The delivery carries an impressive range of tones and styles including echo, yells to various gods, if you will, screams, it’s one of the most perfect mixes of deliveries we’ve seen around here in awhile.  Just check out dude’s carry on “Shadow Deserts” around the fifty-three second mark.  Plus, the lyrics aren’t anything to ignore, either.  Lots of feeling and poetry in them.  So yeah, overall, three letters, wow.

At this point it’s almost ridiculous to continue writing this review, save the person writing it has a thing about three-paragraph reviews with at least some substance in each part.  That’s doubtful at this point, it’s more probable that nothing here makes much sense.  It’s all been said, all that needs to be said has been stated above, somehow, somewhere, sometimes in a roundabout fashion.  That’s when you know something is truly great, when you don’t have words to express what it is, when your best bet is to simply leave a score and say “go listen to this, you’ll understand.”  The solos, the riffs, the vocals, the drums, the textures, good God in heaven hallowed be thy Blood Maker.  This is simply one of the best EPs we’ve ever experienced, it deserves more listens than we have a lifetime to accomplish and it’s already earned a place for our top whateversomething list at the end of the year.  This requires several dynasties for proper exposure.  So rarely do you see so little and then expect so much out of a band, but my oh my whatever Wild Throne does in the future is sure to be heart-attack inducing.

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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Wild Throne: Blood Maker
Brutal Panda Records
5 / 5