Tetragrammacide – Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ

Chaotically Spooky and StuffWe’ve had our sampling of the bizarre in the past year, especially that which can be deemed genre-bending, chaotically forged, is-this-reality metal.  We’re living in a world of chaos these days, so perhaps it’s all a symbol of the collapse of the human race, a look into the future when eventually everything is meaningless and order is a thing of the past.  Tear down and crush until restructuring is impossible.  But such a path is foolish at times, if for no reason other than it’s often an excuse, a method for bands whose music shouldn’t go further than their own minds to find validation as the next bullshit kvlt cult.  Black metal can often be confrontational, that’s part of its aesthetic, and tossing chaos in there is fine, provided there’s a little purpose to it, and that’s not a contradictory statement.  At times, as much as other critics would have you believe otherwise, that’s the simple truth of the matter, and it’s time to stop giving elite status to things that, generally, sound like someone screwing around and screwing with us.  That’s right, folks, black metal has officially gone Dada.


Actually, that would be potentially a lot more interesting that this.  Iron Bonehead Productions has been releasing some pretty intense music as of late, and a few of the more interesting promos we’ve received came from them, but it was inevitable they’d hit a snag.  We were hoping it would be avoided, but when your focus is the unusual, eventually you’ll cease to truly see it.  Case in point, Tetragrammacide.  Coming from India, and with only a demo/promo and three-way split under their bandoliers since 2012, this duet sought to create “Martial Occult Black Metal”, though what you’ll actually here is far removed from anything suggested by those choice terms.  It’s more properly considered as chaotic black metal that confronts sheerly through the fact that’s it’s almost complete unlistenable.  Now for some, that means it must be a thing of beauty, a true creation only fit for the ears of those who “get it”.  Cacophony is truly the only way to distort the fragile youth of the world today, correct?  Wrong, we say in the simplest way possible.


Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ is self-reflective.  Tetragrammacide provide zero connectivity with the listener, and by that we mean any listener except someone who finds meaning in nothingness because they think it must be there.  After a rather tame noise intro, the true static begins with the drums smashed so loudly you’ll have great difficulty pulling any riffs or any sense of instrumentation out of the rest of it.  The vocals, for the most part, sound exactly like screaming into a tin garbage can.  And that’s the extent of all of this one.  What needs to be said is it’s very clear Tetragrammacide is riding on chaos in the hopes that someone, somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight, will finding meaning where there is none.  To our great laughter, that’s already happened on a few “review sites” that shall not be named or linked.  Nothing is provided here in terms of a true connection, chaos is used for the sense of chaos alone, and even then it’s poorly constructed because it lacks the truly terrifying presence of better bands doing the same thing.  In fact, having listened to plenty of music like this, such as Autokrator not so long ago, and Chaos Echoes a little while before that, trust us, we’ve heard it all, and what Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ boils down to is an empty pot.  Its too forceful in its confrontation to such an extent that one wonders if Tetragrammacide isn’t simply making a joke out of it all, laughing at everyone including a pretty impressive label.  We’d say they’re Dada, as we did above, but that assumes they’re turning a movement in on itself and breaking new ground in realization, when actually they’re more like post-modern idiot creating such art fifty years after the fact when people wish it was still around and are willing to cling on anything close enough.  Redundant, without meaning, it was inevitable in searching for the oddest of the bunch that Iron Bonehead would soon, by their own choice of focus, fail to realize what they were looking at was not, in fact, what they pride themselves on, but instead a mockery.


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Written by Stanley Stepanic

Tetragrammacide: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ
Iron Bonehead Productions
1.8 / 5