WITCH KING – Voice Of The Ossuary (Another Satan Metal Band)


Sometimes the stupid titles I come up with sound more condescending than they actually are. They’re more congenial, at times, like this time. I mean, come on, can’t we at least question the Satan thing in metal once in awhile? Just once I’d like to see someone or some band do something a little more clever with the idea, but we all don’t mind a bit of Satan now and then, provided it’s done right. Now, WITCH KING, who also pull out the Satanic CAPS attack, must further confuse us by choosing a properly conventional name that I hope just by accident sounds like a Lord of the [goddamn] Rings reference but since we’re already dealing out two massive two-handed, underhand granny shots with our Satan and CAPS it’s most likely exactly what I think it is, further confused by the fact that there are probably at least five other bands with the name Witch King or some variation thereof. Want to toss out another orc-fed reference? How about a Voice of the Ossuary?


But…wait a minute…guy’s starting this off harsh. Time to get congenial MFs. WITCH KING actually have far more to provide than their black/red Satanic mess cover (which is actually pretty cool) implies. I was at first curious by the fact that at least one of the dudes in The White Mice had something to do with it and were apparently behind the recording session from their poison bass dungeon. That in itself made me curious and revealed something less deliberate under the surface of this container and/or room of bones of the deceased. Voice of the Ossuary can be summarized as a total SHATTERING OF BONAL MATERIAL IN A SATANIC YET VAGUELY NERDY WAY. See what they have is an incredible control of their instruments, a key feature if this kind of metal is going to succeed. WITCH KING, for as much as I’ve ripped on them here, know exactly how to sound threatening. The bass is deep into the marrow, the guitars brittle and musty, and the drums a hollow thud to the skull with a peculiar emphasis on the cracking cymbals. All of this, together with good vocal carry (hey there’s that “voice” part), make for what is simply a damn fine album in the easiest way. NOTHING WRONG WITH SATAN OR CAPS I SAY.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

WITCH KING – Voice of the Ossuary
Blood Harvest Records, Helter Skelter Productions
4 / 5