The Atrocity Exhibit – Extinction Solution (I Will Buy The Shirt)


Yeah you know this site, we rip on grindcore something fierce. Not sorry. Usually the trash we get is not just trash, it’s the oozing bile sinking to the bottom of the trash. No, it’s lower than that, it’s the blackened stench you can’t even see that emanates from that foul liquid and not even immersing the space it fills in Febreeze can stop its assault on your senses. Smell? No, all the senses. It gets all in there and refuses to get out with its porn samples, minute-long samples from zombie films, and the occasional fart. Grindcore too often doesn’t take itself seriously enough. It’s become a “thing” to treat it as a joke, not an art. Can grindcore be art tho bro? As quick as I pulled out that shit rhyme, let me prove it to you.


Yes, grindcore can punch you in the face instead of farting in it as its ill-informed and juvenile fans believe. Smash through that smog and bloody their noses to make them remember it’s supposed to grind. The Atrocity Exhibit punch through that fart. They’re already winning with me by virtue of the fact that the cover has a skeleton on fire courtesy of tattoo master Amy Edwards. And they have a matching shirt? Damn. Basically that nets a 4/5 immediately, but let’s continue. These guys are one of the UK’s best acts in the genre and have a respectable history stretching back to roughly 2005. They actually grind, simply put. No farts, no porn, no “Fulci is good” mythology. It’s grindcore classic 2.0. That entails a few things: riff shred, drum smash, hate throat, suicide-inducing samples, and lyrics that are as strongly biting in their social criticism as they are simplistic. “Faustian Crisis Loan” proves that in its title alone. Extinction Solution is not experimentation in grind, that’s for sure, but it lives among the roots of the genre that so many have forgotten. I’m not sure if it can or more importantly should go further than this. As long as bands like The Atrocity Exhibit keep smashing my face and remember their grindcore etiquette, I’ll listen.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

The Atrocity Exhibit – Extinction Solution
4 / 5