Chong Wizard – The Reality Stone


There’s something far more potent lurking in Canada (Vancouver, BC specifically) than mere moose, hockey, or maple syrup. What could possibly hit harder than those two? Why, it’s none other than your friendly neighborhood DJ Chong Wizard, of course, who’s probably Deadpool’s favorite hip hop producer yo. While a comic book motif isn’t exactly the most original thing to go at in the realm of hip hop, it’s certainly preferable to the “money, hos, and clothes” type that’s long overstayed its welcome. Nab a spot on the Millennium Falcon with this dude and his curated crew after you scope that cover up there again by Rob Israel. Damn.


Although not the freshest on the block, the comics angle is nonetheless one that Chong Wizard make feel immediately relevant and purposeful. The group’s most recent release under the hands of DJ Chong Wizard himself, The Reality Stone, is the second installation in a planned six-EP compilation series revolving around (you guessed it from the art and nerd drops) the Marvel Universe, the title of each EP appearing to be inspired by those “Infinity Stones” that that fat pink guy used to make half of reality go bye bye in a recent movie. That’s what makes the fact that the sick vinyl featured below is also bye bye. Sold out in other words. Each release is curated and executive produced by DJ Chong Wizard himself.


This whole setup with the art and the comics may tempt one to believe that what results present on The Reality Stone are incredibly cheesy and derivative, but that would be a rather hasty assumption. The sound this DJ wizard from the north conjures with his compatriots in just 17 minutes is packed to the brim with gritty lyricism, beats that slap harder than a Haitian grandmother, and an edge that’s a lot more mature and memorable than should be possible for comics-themed hip hop. With a heavy battle rap influence and oozing of clever, intimidating lyrical references, Chong Wizard are easily the one hip hop groups I’m happiest to have discovered this year. Come along, squeeze the Beretta trigger, and put an end to that web slinger. Shit smokes.


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Written by Che Chimera

Chong Wizard – The Reality Stone
4.5 / 5