Agony Unrated (Real Hell Game Will Offend)


I’ve played some pretty vile games throughout my life. Hell, I can remember when gore first became a “thing” in games, or at least was made more visible by offended parents complaining about it. I’ve seen video game filth evolve from the most primitive to the most graphic and real. So what I’m saying is it would take a lot to shock me and choosing Hell as the theme was not a likely path to success. Who’s scared of Hell these days? But yay, congratulations Agony Unrated, I pretty much puked. Don’t want to be offended? It’s in Hell you idiots! All I know is from the beginning I was drawn into the maw of this pit, so let me teach you how to relax and poison yourself existentially.


Agony Unrated is a much-improved version of Agony, released in 2018 to critical hate, accused of “toxic masculinity” for some reason even though brutal sexual torment occurs to basically everything including you for playing it. You play a tormented soul in Hell lacking memories and navigate the domain as you commit atrocious acts and slowly build up your powers to escape. The new version features a ton of bug fixes, no censorship (stress on the no part), eight different endings, and a horde of new features I won’t bore you with. On PC all the updates are available to purchasers of the original game for free, while the full title comes at a reduced price for those who didn’t play its predecessor.


As a tormented soul in Hell you solve puzzles (some situational) in Agony Unrated as your story is slowly developed, encountering a variety of shocking scenes that stretch “F sensitivity” to such extreme limits practically anyone playing it will become a born-again keyboard warrior on Twitter and amass several thousand #methree followers in a minute or less. The layout has a horribly real presence and the vast array of tricks and discoveries will take the average gamer at least 5 to 10 hours to complete. Hell is filthy in every aspect, but selecting but a few moments will provide all the details you need. Actually I’ll go with one. The tormented soul feeding her deformed infant black waste products that pour from her vagina pretty much summarizes the entire game (see below). You’ll pretend you’re not aroused and then threaten me with memes later.


Negative criticism for Agony Unrated abounds and has taken so many angles it’s hellish torment itself to give it notice, so my real goal is to ignore all of it. In essence the game’s survival-horror with open-ended elements. The controls and play are smooth, so the key to its potential really lies in whether or not it feels like Hell and how much it makes the sensitive retch. Agony Unrated does a spectacular job of violating your morality. It forces you to make decisions so horribly vile I can’t say a depiction of Hell could be more accurate or legitimately scary. The simple answer is if it doesn’t leave you with a nauseous sense of disgust it would be an actual failure. Minor details like save points and unclear goals are mere sins of the weak. Pull out whatever virtue-signaling terminology you choose, it doesn’t matter. Nothing is sacred in Agony Unrated, and everyone gets the torment they deserve equally. Isn’t that what you all wanted? Now STFU up and join in this filth. Be repulsed.


Agony Unrated Official Steam Page

Written Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Agony Unrated
Madmind Studio, (developer, publisher)
4.3 / 5