Pounder – Uncivilized (Badass Period Heavy Metal)


I can’t remember the last time I reviewed heavy metal. Unlike thrash, which you still feel totally badass for listening to, heavy metal can lack that effect outside of its original context, that is, the olden times. It has a tendency to feel more dated than Satanic imagery in metal at large. Oh shit we have both of those here? Can’t be good. Well, Pounder isn’t unabashed about what they do, they say right on Facebook page they play “Heavy Fucking Metal. Period.” They just best be cocky as hell and totally unashamed or they’ll just look like a bunch of fucking pussies, period.


There is only one such moment in Uncivilized, thankfully. The rest is badass. Pounder play heavy metal, that’s clear, period. But let’s be more period here. These guys have totally synthesized heavy metal into their very being. That classic sound is combined so artfully the hair in “hair metal” covers them head to foot while their shaft still rigidly thrusts forth. And Pounder can play, let me tell you, in every metal way, period. I only had one complaint about the entire album, and that was a single track, “Long Time No Love.” For an album that opens with “Fuck Off and Die” and lyrics that run the gamut of human sacrifice, the Devil, and having sex like an animal, a track about “them feels” concerning an ex is pussy shit dudes WTF???? But hey, we’ll let that one go because these guys slay for most of it and my testosterone levels just hit a high, period.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Pounder – Uncivilized
Hells Headbangers
4 / 5