Stonecast – I Earther (I Wanter More Space Metal)


Wow, what do you know, I was ripping on power/melodic and whatever else metal a week or so ago and here we are again. Is this the end? The artwork by Stan Decker would seem to suggest so, but I do have some kind words today, at least for Stonecast, and at least a little. I find it hard to believe the space theme is not more common in power/melodic/heavy and whatever else metal as opposed to the usual Renaissance Fair fare of dragons and wizards and damsels eating fried dough, but at least someone gets it, whatever “it” actually is. Sadly I wish there was more space in this for sure but they have some riffs so that’s good.


Stonecast attempt to call down asteroid riffs as they proclaim the interest of HEAVY METAL in CAPS on their Facebook page. The expected influences are also tossed out, which I need not name because they just popped in your head. I Earther comes with lots of the typical for this type of metal and not enough space. Epic riff passages, in particular, with some blasty hooks that definitely stick in the throat and pull you epically forth from fantasy tripe like a flaming comet, the tail being you. But for all that Stonecast simply do what they do only fairly well. You’ll dig it, and it has enough for more than one listen, but for far too long has this type of metal been stuck in its usual “listen to us ye mortals” presence. These guys have a much better grasp of at least how to reach epic territory, with tracks like “Precipice to Hell” being quite memorable for its space riffing, or at least I imagine it as such, but stuff like this definitely needs a new, or less serious edge.


Stonecast Official Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Stonecast – I Earther
Pitch Black Records
3.9 / 5